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6 Exam Apps to Help You Study in 2020

November 03, 2020

6 Exam Apps to Help You Study in 2020

Best Apps for Exam Preparation

Life of a student in 2020 can be quite hard with all the online classes and examinations happening at once. While more technology may be the last thing you could be expecting for your education, here are six useful apps that can totally help you improve your learning and allow you to have more time for fun.

My Study Life

This is an excellent organizer for all your student-related documents, and can deal with a variety of applications such as scheduling and making class timetables that can sync with your preferred calendar app. You will also get reminders for all incomplete tasks and examinations, along with a task manager that can function as a student to-do list. You can sync it across all platforms and even access the data offline.

Exam Countdown

This is an excellent app for keeping yourself motivated during exam days when you feel you are losing track of your exams. It gives you a daily countdown to all your exams, and also allows color coding for all exams. You can also share your countdowns on social media to help encourage your friends as well. You can also make some changes such as adding symbols for each subject to make your countdowns look good.


This is an app that is loved by both students and teachers. You can create your own study material across a range of subjects and even use a vast library created by other users of Quizlet. Teachers also use it to set challenges and tests for their students for some specific topics or material. You can use this as a fun way to learn as it is able to use both audio and video for this. You can even make dynamic flashcards for learning, and use fun games for learning.


As most of you already surf the internet for reading about various topics, Pocket would turn out to be quite useful for you. Most of the content that you read online can get lost if you don’t save it for later. Pocket can be used for that as it saves all kinds of web content in a very vibrant format for later use. It also has powerful tagging tools which lets you sort the saved pages by topic. You can also use it to save things from Flipboard, Twitter, Evernote, and Facebook.

Google Translate

Google translate is an essential tool for anyone thinking of learning a new language. As of now, it supports over 90 languages and lets you translate text that you type, images, and even speech. The live translation feature can allow you to make translations in real-time and let you have a conversation with a native speaker. This is great for students going to study abroad as it will make your language experience a lot smoother.

Student Planner

The student planner app in the Playstore is an excellent one to try out as it has been designed especially for students looking to improve their skills. It gets you information on how to pass exams, lets you mark due dates for assignments, and even set a study timetable. It also features an exam countdown and alerts that you can sync with your calendar. You can use this all-round app for making your study life a lot easier.

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