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JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 Notification, Exam Dates, Admit Card, Exam Pattern, Counselling

JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020
Result Awaited

JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 Exam - Dates, Registration, Eligibility, Syllabus, Exam Pattern

Jamia Millia Islamia Entrance Exam Master of Tourism And Travel Management 2020 or JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 is the entrance examination for admission to Master of Tourism And Travel Management. JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 is conducted by Jamia Millia Islamia University.

JMI Entrance Exam MTTM for the year 2020 has been announced by Jamia Millia Islamia University and will be held on 12/10/2020. The application forms will be available from 21/02/2020 till 14/09/2020. The exam is in written mode. The duration of the exam will be 90 minutes. It is being conducted in English and Hindi languages. The result date will be announced later.

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To get all details about JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 Download Brochure

JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 Conducting Body

Jamia Millia Islamia University

JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 Eligibility Criteria

Educational Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent examination

Qualifying marks:

  • 45% marks in aggregate

JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 Important Dates

Events Start Date Last Date
Application Form 21/02/2020 14/09/2020
JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 Exam Date Offline Dates
  • 12/10/2020
  • To get all details about JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 Download Brochure

    JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 Prospectus

    JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 Application Form

    Application Form Fee

    Application Fee Rs.700/-

    Fees shall be accepted by JMI through cash, online or Demand Draft.

    Application Form Filling Instructions

    Students applying for the JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 have to fill up the application form on the official site.

    A student can submit the application for only once; multiple forms will be rejected.

    Requirements to be readied before you start filling up the Application Form of JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020

    • PC or a Laptop with Internet connectivity
    • Qualification details
    • Soft copy of candidate’s coloured passport size photograph (Maximum 100KB in size) in JPG / JPEG format with White Background.
    • Soft copy of candidate’s signature (Maximum 100 KB in size) in JPG / JPEG format.
    • Functional e-mail Id as all communication are made through email; Parents email id is recommended.
    • Mobile number as all information is sent through SMS too. Parents phone number can be used.
    • For online payments, usually a valid debit or credit card as well as Net Banking facility, Credit Cards and Debit Cards Service is a must.
    • It is recommended to download the information Bulletin Brochure and read it carefully so that you understand various requirements to fill-up the form.

    The Usual Steps in filling up the Online Application Form of the JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020

    • Step-1: Students have register for Online Application Form. A login and Password are created.
    • Step-2: Student has to Complete the Application Form and its various sections
    • Step-3: Required documents in the form of Scanned Images of Candidate’s Photograph, Candidate’s Signature.
    • Step-4: Payments have to be made by Cards/ Debit Cards / Net Banking.

    JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 Syllabus

    Quantitative Aptitude (20 questions)

    • Simplification: (0-5 Questions) Problems based on BODMAS Rule, Fractions, Percentages, Approximation, Decimals, Surds & Indices. 
    • Number System: (0-3 Questions) Problems based on Divisibility & Remainder, Multiples & Factors, Integers, LCM and HCF. 
    • Average: (0-2 Questions) Questions on Average Weight/Height/Age/Marks, Average Money expenditure, Average Temperature etc. 
    • Percentage: (0-2 Questions) Calculation oriented basic percentage problems
    • Ratio and Proportion: (0-2 Questions) Problems based on Simple Ratios, Compound Ratios.
    • Interest: (0-2 Questions) Problems based on Simple Interest, Compound Interest as well as mixture of both SI and CI
    • Number Series: (0-5 Questions) Problems based on completing the Series, Finding the Missing
    • Term, Finding the Wrong Term. The concepts behind this can be based on simple AP, GP, AGP or more complex patterns. 
    • Profit and Loss: (0-2 Questions) Successive Selling, Partnerships, Discount and MP
    • Speed, Time and Distance: (0-2 Questions) Relative Speed, Average Speed, Problems based on Trains, Boat and Stream. 
    • Algebra: (0-4 Questions) Problems based on Linear equation, Quadratic Equations.
    • Mensuration: (0-2 Questions) Problems based on areas of Square, Rectangle, Circle, Semicircle, Parallelogram, Cone, and Cylinder. 
    • Time and Work: (0-2 Questions) Problems based on Work Efficiency, Pipe and Cistern, Work and Wages.
    • Probability: (0-2 Question) Very basic problems on probability.

    Data Interpretation (10 questions)

    • Data Interpretation: (10 Questions) Problems based on line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, tables and other miscellaneous infographics. 

    Reasoning: (20 questions)

    • Inequalities: (0-5 Questions) Mostly Direct Mathematical Inequalities. There may be 2-3 complex
    • expressions like A> B ≥ C = D; E < B ≤ F. There may be 2-4 conclusions which are to be deduced
    • from these statements. Coded inequalities problems may also be asked where relation between
    • alphabets are coded such as A and B where actually codes for > sign.
    • Ordering and Ranking: (0-5 Questions) Mostly Puzzle on ordering by age, floor, rank, boxes of different colours one above another, order in row etc. 
    • Directions and Distances: (0-5 Questions)
    • Coding and Decoding: (0-5 Questions) Mostly questions on Coding and Decoding in Fictitious Language are asked where a few statements are given which are coded in some meaningless language and questions are based on this code. 
    • Blood Relations: (0-3 Questions) Family Tree and Coded Blood Relation Problems.
    • Syllogisms: (0-5 Questions) Problems with 2-3 statements and 2-3 conclusions. Questions are asked whether the conclusions follow or not. 
    • Seating Arrangement: (0-7 Questions) Includes Uni-Directional and Bi-Directional problems (i.e. facing inside, outside or in both directions). Sometimes, tough Square/Rectangular/Hexagonal  Table 
    • Analogy: (0-2 Questions)
    • Assertion and reason: (0-2 Questions)

    English (30 questions)

    • Fill in the Blanks: (0-5 Questions) Single/Double Blank type questions. Vocabulary based questions. Grammar
    • Reading Comprehension: (7-10 Questions) Likely the RC will consist of one/two passage of 0-10 questions. The topics you should look out for are economy, business, geopolitics, governance, education, technology, tourism, hospitality, transport, and social issues.
    • Para Jumbles: (0-5 Questions) A set of 4 - 6 sentences are to be rearranged to form a meaningful
    • paragraph.
    • Cloze Test: (0-10 Questions) A single passage with 5 or 10 blanks. Passage could be on any topic ranging from science, banking and economy to social issues. Words are usually easy to moderate and vocabulary based, but there may be one or two tough words. 
    • Error Spotting: (0 - 5 Questions) Could most probably be grammar-based long sentences with errors in one part are asked. 
    • Word Association Pair: (0-5 Questions) Four words will be given and you need to determine which two words have either synonymous or antonyms relation between them. Your knowledge of vocabulary is tested. 
    • Phrase Idiom Meaning: (0-3 Questions) The phrases will be given and you need to select the correct meaning of the given phrase. 
    • Spellings: (0-3 Questions)You need to choose the word that is correctly spelt or wrongly spelt from the given options. 
    • Phrase Replacement / Sentence Correction: (0-5 Questions) Grammar / Vocabulary based, Construction of Sentences, Order of Words, Phrasal Verbs, Homonyms, etc. 
    • Synonyms, Antonyms, One-word substitution (0-6 questions)
    • Grammar : (0 - 5 Questions) You may be asked to choose options related to active/passive voice, tenses, articles, direct/indirect speech, noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition,  conjunction, interjection.

    General Awareness: (20 questions)

    • Current awareness: (5-10 questions): covering recent events.
    • Computer awareness: (0-5) questions: covering questions about basics of computer awareness specially MS Office, operating system, hardware, components, Internet, keyboard shortcuts,  computer abbreviation, networking. 
    • History: (0-2 questions)
    • Geography: (0-2 questions)
    • Polity: (0 – 3 questions)
    • Science: Physics, Chemistry Biology) (0- 5 questions)
    • Environmental Science: (0 – 4 questions)
    • Tourism and Hospitality: (0-5 questions) Important tourism resources of India like fairs and festivals, cuisines, dances, music, monuments, hill stations, beaches, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries. 
    • Economics: (0-4 questions)


    • Quantitative Aptitude
    • Reasoning
    • English
    • General Awareness
    • Data Interpretation

    Syllabus Link: View/Download

    JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 Admit Card

    Admit Card Download Url

    Link: View/Download

    JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 Exam Day Instructions

    Offline Dates

    • 12/10/2020

    Examination Day Instructions

    Before entering the Exam Centre:

    • Try to reach the exam centre one hour prior to the time advised in the admit card. 
    • Before leaving for the site, please have a hearty breakfast or light lunch depending on the session. Drink plenty of fluids; as in summers dehydration can set in affecting your performance in the exam.
    • Have a cookie or a chocolate just before entering the centre; this prevents hypoglycaemia and thus helps you stay alert longer improving your results.
    • If it is a busy centre, then don’t wait till last for the entry and security check.
    • Centre will not allow you to enter after the stipulated time of closing the doors.
    • Admission to the Exam Centre is with the Admit Card; no candidates shall be admitted to the test without the production of the Admit Card at the Test Centre.
    • Usually no bags are allowed.
    • No eatables are allowed.
    • Handbag / Carry bag / Mobile phone / calculator / watch / any other electronic gadget or any paper (other than the Admit Card) shall not be allowed inside the Test Hall / Room.

    After entering the centre:

    • Once candidates enter the centre, they should locate their designated hall and seat.
    • After all the formalities, candidates should enter the allotted hall and take the designated seat.
    • For Objective Type question papers, rough work is to be done in the space provided for this purpose. No rough work is allowed on the OMR Answer Sheet under any situation.
    • Questions have to be answered on the answer sheet only.
    • Copying, use of unfair means of any kind, talking, asking questions from other candidates or borrowing of material inside the Test Centre is strictly prohibited.
    • The candidates are to return their OMR answer-sheets and the question paper in full to the Centre Superintendent. Tearing or taking away of the question paper is not allowed failing which the candidates shall be disqualified from the entire Entrance Test.
    • Misbehaviour of any kind can lead to expulsion of the candidate.
    • Caught copying helping in copying will mean cancellation of the answer sheet / cancellation of the candidature.
    • Marking the answer sheet or question paper in any way will also lead to cancellation of the exam for that candidate.
    To get all details about JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 Download Brochure

    JMI Entrance Exam MTTM 2020 Results

    Result dates may be checked on the official webpage.

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