Best Study Tips for Chemistry

August 22, 2020

Best Study Tips for Chemistry

If you have been spending a lot of time in studying chemistry, yet fail to understand most concepts and still struggle on your exams; you should probably think of changing your strategy. Studying chemistry is not as hard as some make it out to be since it can often be the easiest subject of the three major sciences. Even subjects such as organic chemistry have only a stigma of being difficult, but are actually very easy in reality. Simply by following the study tips mentioned here, you can take a major leap towards improving your grades in the chemical sciences:

Time on Task

You have to understand that the mastery of chemistry will take time. Depending on your current level in the subject, it could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to understand the subject. It is important that you don’t give up on the process.

Go Deep into Problems

The exam problems will always be different from the practice problems so it won’t be very useful to study with the approach of solving every problem that comes your way. It would be much better if you are able to understand the importance of the problem such as what kind of information in the question is important and what isn’t. Focusing on the deep details will help develop the thinking required for acing the subject.

Read Before the Lecture

It is important for you to read the chapter ahead of the lecture. This will help you to get the introduction to the material by yourself, and then you can use the lecture time in a more productive manner. It will also be beneficial for you to go through the warm up problems and solved examples by yourself in a morning study session. This will not only help you stay a step ahead of your class, but will also allow you to ask your doubts from the teacher in time.

Lab Sections are Important

Lab sections are here to highlight and guide you through the important concepts and understand chemical phenomenon in live demonstrations. You can use these to learn the main concepts of each chapter. Moreover, this is the best kind of hands-on knowledge you will get for problems regarding chemical processes. It will allow you to explain why each step is conducted the way it is and what the benefits of performing here are.

Ask Questions

Your role as a scientist in making is to ask a ton of questions. Your instructors will deeply appreciate you asking intelligent questions related to the material at hand. This will also allow them to know that you are paying attention to the material. You can also ask questions related to your personal study sessions as this will show the teacher that you are putting in effort for the subject and will also allow you to get your doubts cleared correctly.

Study Chemistry at the Right Time

Most students tend to procrastinate studying chemistry which leads to them being very tired during the end of the week when they already have a pile of material to go through. It is much more useful to actually go through the material the morning before your lecture as this time will allow you to perform at your peak productivity and will also be a great refresher. By doing this, you will also need to put in less effort during your examinations as you will already be familiar with all the concepts.

Study Efficiently

Coming up with an effective strategy for studying is much more useful than merely studying more. This will help you to actually save time, be less exhausted, and more prepared for your examinations. You should incorporate study strategies that work best for you. If you find flashcards useful, use them to quickly memorize important reaction names and electron valency values. There are many more study strategies that you can use, but it is important to stick to the one you are most comfortable with.

Use a Study Group

Studying in a group can not only make it more fun for you to understand concepts, but it can also generate a bit of healthy competition between you and your peers. This will allow you to greatly develop your study practices, and also collectively solve doubts. Be sure to form a study group with peers who are actually interested in studying instead of simply wasting time. You will also receive benefits from forming revision groups during examinations to help you ace all your exams.

By using the above strategies for studying chemistry, you will not only make your study sessions more enjoyable, but will also be able to improve your grade in no time.

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