List of Marine Engineering Colleges in India: Fees, Courses, Cut Off, Admission

List of Marine Engineering Colleges in India: Fees, Courses, Cut Off, Admission

Marine Engineering in India: Career on the Sea

As we know, there are many branches of Engineering available to join in India. Marine Engineering is a very popular branch of engineering, which is very advanced, multi technical and requires a love of water, sea, rivers and technology. India has a vast coastline measuring a total of 7516.6 km, out of which mainland coastline consists of 6100 km and islands' coastline consists of 1197 km. This coastline of India touches nine states and four union territories including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal. In perspective, distance between Kanyakumari to Srinagar is 3714 km by road. The total land boundary of India is about 15,200 km;the coastline of India is approximately half of the land boundary of India. 

Thus this vast coastline implies that maritime trade has a huge potential in India. The vast coastline allows India to trade with most parts of the World. Arabian Sea gives access to gulf countries and the Andaman Sea gives access to Malacca Strait and then to South China sea. India has the largest fishing industry in the world. Offline mineral and oil resource extraction is another important advantage available to India. 

The common denominator in all the of above is sea transport in its various forms. It involves construction as well as the operation of mechanical equipment of seagoing craft, docks, and harbour installations as well as designing, building and maintaining vehicles or structures used on or around water including ships, yachts, freight carriers, rigs and many more. Merchant Navy work thrives on these coast lines.

Thus Marine Engineers have a vast role in utilizing and maintaining this coastline ecosystem in its entirety. Marine engineering is a branch that deals with the designing, construction, testing  and operation of mechanical equipment including ships, boats, oil carriers, underwater craft, offshore platforms, navy ships, submarines and aircraft . To study to become a marine engineer, one must graduate with a bachelor’s of technology (BTech) from a college approved by the Directorate General of Shipping of the Government of India.


Eligibility Criteria for BTech in Marine Engineering

·         Minimum educational qualifications for joining a BTech degree in Marine Engineering or Nautical science is ten plus two or equivalent. Subjects required are science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics along with English; minimum marks obtained should be 50 to 60% depending on various universities. These courses are of 4 years duration.

 For MTech and PhD degrees in Maritime Engineering, candidates must have completed their graduation with BE/BTech in Mechanical/Marine engineering from a recognized university and should have secured an aggregate marks of 50% to 60% in their bachelor studies.

There are some other criteria too for the selection of candidates. This is because the job requirements in shipping require one to be very fit and in best of health. These physical standardsare determined by the Merchange Shipping Medical Examination Rules. These are:”

·         Age should be between 17 and 25, with 5 years of relaxation for candidates from Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes.

·         Perfect eyesight with no colour blindness or impaired field of vision.

·         There should be no impairment in hearing.

·         One should be more than 42 kilograms and height of at least 150 centimetres.

·         Dental health should be good.

·         Mentally stable and in good psychological condition is required.

·         Good health as determined by a medical examination is a must.

There are no gender restrictions for marine engineering training students, but candidates should be unmarried at time of commencement. One should be an Indian citizen, though a few foreign candidates may receive special permission from the Ministry of Shipping.

Admission to Marine Engineering Colleges in India

The Indian Ministry of Shipping has a list of more than 143 approved marine training colleges in the country. These include both government-run and private colleges. There are entrance exams held by some institutes. A few entrance exams are listed below:


Name of Exam Full Name
JEE Main All India Common Entrance Test
MERI Marine Engineering and Research Institute Entrance Examinations
GATE Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
IMU CET Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test
JEE Advanced IIT Joint Entrance Examination
TMICET  Tolani Maritime Institute Entrance Exam  
HIMT Entrance Exam Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training
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List of Top 10 Marine Engineering Colleges in India


List of Indian Maritime University Campuses

·         Indian Institute of Port Management IMU Campus Kolkata
·         Marine Engineering & Research Institute (MERI), Kolkata
·         Indian Maritime University (National Maritime Academy), Chennai
·         Indian Maritime University (Campus], Kochi
·         LBS College of Advanced Maritime Studies, Mumbai
·         Indian Maritime University (Kandla Campus), Kandla
·         Marine Engineering & Research Institute, Mumbai
·         T.S. Chanakya, Navi Mumbai
·         National Ship Design & Research Centre, Vizianagaram (AP)

Some Institutes providing BTech in Maritime Engineering in India

Other Degrees related to Maritime Engineering are available at the following colleges

BSc (Nautical Science):-
Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune
Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training, Chennai
BSc (Ship Building and Repair):-
College of Ship Technology, Palakkad
• Hind Institute of Nautical Science and Engineering, Hathras, UP

Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS) leading to B.Sc Nautical Science

This is a one year course leading to BSc in Nautical Science after 18 months of sea service. After this course the cadets are able to become Navigating officers on board Merchant Naval Ships anywhere in the world. Certificate of Competency is awarded by the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India. A few colleges providing this course are

·         Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy, Karjat
·         Applied Research International School of Maritime Studies, New Delhi 
·        Mumbai Maritime Training Institute, Khalapur
·         Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies, Pune

·         Dr Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Port Blair 
·         International Maritime Institute, Greater Noida
·         SCI Maritime Training Institute, Tuticorin
·         Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies, Pune
·         Southern Academy of Maritime Studies, Chennai
·         Maritime Training Institute Shipping Corporation of India, Powai, Mumbai
·         Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune
·         Viswhakarma Maritime Institute, Pune
·         YAK Educational Trust, Belapur, Navi Mumbai 
·         Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Institute of Maritime Science & Engineering, Chidambaram

Duties of Marine Engineers

·         Responsible for the operation, installation and maintenance of all the equipment and machinery on the ship

·         Monitoring and maintenance of mechanical systems 

·         Proper record keeping and planning maintenance 

·         Fuel oil bunkering 

·         Emergency breakdown and repair 

·         Take care of the propulsions system

·         In-charge of the electrical systems including electrical generation and distribution, air conditioning and refrigeration.


A marine engineer can choose to work for different types of vessels, depending upon his training and expertise. These ships can be categorised to 

·         Foreign going dry vessels

·         Foreign going tanker vessels (oil, gas, chemical etc)

·         Coastal trading dry and tanker ships

·         Offshore platforms and ships

·         Passenger vessels

·         Dynamic position vessels

·         Port assisting boats and ship (Tugs, barges etc)


There is a rank system for marine engineers when one works on the ship. These ranks are as under:

·         Fifth Engineer or Engineering Cadet

·         Fourth Engineer

·         Third Engineer

·         Second Engineer

·         Chief Engineer


Career Pathway for a Marine Engineer

A four-year marine engineering degree course is a must, before a candidate becomes eligible to work on ships; there might be some compulsory supplementary courses before joining. After all the studies and courses fresh marine engineering graduate will join a ship as a trainee or junior engineer for six months working contract. On completion of the six months compulsory training and the necessary sea-time as a trainee, a fifth engineer is eligible to appear for class IV exams. On clearing class IV exams, he or she will be able to join as a 4th engineer.

Subsequently, with experience and on the basis of performance, promotion to the third engineer rank is made. There is a required sea time to be clocked before a third engineer, Is allowed to take Class II exams to become a second engineer. After necessary sea time and a good amount of experience, a second engineer can give Class I exam to get promotion as chief engineer.

There are lot of shore jobs available; the requirements as well as the salaries vary from company to company. A marine engineer might have to do some courses to qualify for the shore job.


Salary According to the Rank

Salaries for these ranks is pretty good. Usual practice is to pay salaries when on duty on the ship and offshore. 

Some companies have regular salaries irrespective if one is on ship or in port. An average figure per rank is shown below.

    Fifth Engineer or Engineering Cadet: Rs 40,000 to 80,000 per month

    Fourth Engineer: Rs 1,50,000 to 2,50,000 per month

    Third Engineer: Rs 2,50,000 –4,00,000 per month

    Second Engineer: Rs 4,00,000 to 7,00,000 per month

    Chief Engineer: Rs 6,00,000 and above per month


Graduate Marine Engineering Course for Mechanical Engineers

The Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) course provides mechanical engineering graduates an opportunity to take up one year course and enter merchant navy by becoming a marine engineer. One needs to do a compulsory 1-year Graduate marine engineering course before getting the degree. Some of the colleges offering GME are

     HIMT College, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

     Academy of Maritime Education and Training, Chennai   

     Coimbatore Marine Centre, Coimbatore

     Chidamabarm Institute of Maritime Technology Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu 

     Mangalore Marine College, Mangalore

    Institute of Maritime Studies, Vasco-da-Gama, Goa

    Cochin Shipyard Ltd.,Perumanoor,Kochi

    Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies, Lonavala, Maharashtra

    Vel’s Academy of Maritime Education and Training, Chennai

   Maritime Foundation, Chennai

   Garden Reach Ship Builders and Engineers Ltd, Kolkata 

   International Maritime Institute Ltd, Greater Noida

   Great Eastern shipping company Training Institute, Lonavala,  Pune

   RL Institute of Nautical Science, Madurai

   PSN College of Engineering, Tirunelveli

  C.V. Raman College of Engineering, Bhubaneswar

  Vishwakarma Maritime Institute, Pune

  Praveenya Institute of Marine Engineering & Maritime Studies, Vizag, AP

  Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy, Karjat, Maharashtra.

  Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Kolkatta

  Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Mumbai

  Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Chennai

  IMU (Indian Maritime University), Chennai

  IMU (Indian Maritime University), Kochi

  IMU (Indian Maritime University, Kolkata

  IMU (Indian Maritime University), Mumbai

  IMU (Indian Maritime University), Navi Mumbai


Marine Engineering is a very popular course, especially amongst the coastline areas. Lot of training colleges as well courses are available in India. The jobs are aplenty and the salaries are very good. The demand for Marine Engineers will always remain high. Though the job requirements are tough in offline postings, the salary is very good. Please do not hesitate in taking up marine engineering, if your heart desires it. You will also get to see the world!


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