Class 10 CBSE English Exam Preparation Tips

April 09, 2021

Class 10 CBSE English Exam Preparation Tips


Students generally tend to overlook English as they think it is easy to attend and score. But they eventually land up getting a lower score in the final exams where every mark matters very much. Literature subjects like English or Bengali or Hindi or something similar can be the ground where a student can score well by following some important tips.

Students lag in English because they invest their time in other subjects thinking them only important and end up neglecting English. But this will be a big mistake that any student would not want to commit for their final CBSE exam. And to avoid this mistake every student must follow some preparation tips that will be really helpful for them. In this article, we will provide some important and essential tips to prepare for the CBSE English exam.

1.Know the syllabus and section distribution:

The first and foremost important thing before any exam is to know the whole syllabus of the exam really well. If you do not know your whole syllabus, you will be unable to attend certain questions in the examination. And it will be a big drawback for a student. 

And after knowing the whole syllabus of class 10 CBSE English, examine the section distribution of the question paper keenly. This will help the students to distribute the time where it is much needed. There are three sections in a question paper of class 10 CBSE exam. The sections are – reading section, writing & grammar, literature section.

A student needs to divide their time for these three portions and prepare them really well. 

2.Know the marks distribution of the question paper:

After knowing the complete syllabus and section distribution, a student must notice how the marks are distributed. In the CBSE English exam, the grammar portion can be scored full by the students. and knowing the distribution of marks will give the students clarity about where to give the extra effort. The marks distribution is shown below – 


Section Consisting Portions Total Marks
A Reading Skills 20
B Grammar & Writing Skills 30
C Literature Texts & Supplementary Reading Text 30
D Internal Assessment 20
Total Marks   100

3.Read vigorously:

Reading always helps to gain a good score. So, every student must read as much as possible. They not only should read their textbooks but they should also read other things to increase their vocabulary and reading potential. As we can see that Section A is totally based on reading skills, students must be fluent in reading and interpreting the meaning of the given text. A student must read at least 3 to 4 passages every day before the examination to score higher in section A.

4.Write regularly:

The subject of English depends largely on the writing skill of a student. And in the CBSE 10 exam for English, there is Section B to test the writing ability of a student. To score as much as possible in that writing and grammar section, a student has to write regularly. And he or she also needs to practice the grammar part regularly. Only then, they will score well.

And grammar is the portion where a student can score the full marks if they practice it on a daily basis. Besides practicing the grammar, students need to practice writing letters, essays, articles, notices, advertisements to prepare for this section. Rewriting the previous samples will also be helpful to improve the choice of words as well as the grammar. This practice will definitely affect the final results of the CBSE 10 exams.

5.Read the prescribed books well:

Section C is based on the literature books prescribed by the CBSE board. These books are – First Flight (Textbook of class 10), and Footprints Without Feet (Supplementary book of class 10). Students must read these two books very minutely as it will help them to write the answers of section C easily. Reading the stories and poems thoroughly and remembering the summaries will be beneficial for the students.

6.Be organized:

Being organized is a vital thing to keep your mind focused and study hard. A student must be organized. Be it the time or the study place. Being organized for the time of study will only make things easier for the students. They must organize a schedule for every subject so that no particular subject gets neglected.

Also, having a clean and organized study place is very important. Otherwise, they would not find the important study materials when needed. Having a clean space will also engage the attention of the student.

7.Solve previous years’ question paper:

Solving previous years’ question papers is one of the most important things to do for preparation before the final exams. Students must follow the question papers of the previous years to understand the standard of question. Also, solving the question papers will help students to gain confidence in themselves. It will also increase their writing quality. 

And while solving these question papers, students must follow the time limit according to the exam. This will be very helpful as they will get the idea about how fast they have to write the answers. It will increase their writing speed as well. 

8.Have confidence and ace it:

In previous points, we have discussed all the technical things that will help a student to prepare for the CBSE 10 English exam. The last but not the least point is to have the confidence within. It is fine if you are afraid of the exam but be confident always. Your confidence will help you to remember everything and you will be able to ace your exam.

But if a student gets very nervous there will be a possibility of forgetting even the easiest things that he or she has learned many times. To overcome the nervousness, students can meditate before the exams for at least 15 minutes. It will help to calm the turbulence of the mind down and the student will feel positive and confident. 

Always remember that if you try you can overcome any fear. So, keep motivating and boosting your self-confidence, and the rest will be good.

By Sayantika Mondal

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