How to Join Merchant Navy in India

July 08, 2021

How to Join Merchant Navy in India


A merchant navy is a thrilling place having different types of career options. The merchant navy works as one of the main pillars of trading. The students who look for adventures and love to travel can definitely choose merchant navy for their career. The prime work in the navy is to transport goods from place to place. 90% of the goods are carried and transported through the ships everywhere. Also, students are given responsibilities at a very young age. The jobs in the merchant navy are definitely very exciting and it is not a 9 to 5 job like other jobs. Also, the remuneration will add a better experience in this field.

So, let’s see what are the career options in the merchant navy.

Navigating or Deck officer:

Ships carry passengers and transport goods as well. That is why all the ships need to be loaded with goods and passengers correctly. Ships are made of steel and ply, and in saltwater, ships need to be taken care of properly. They are also navigated to places that require a very skilful person. And all these jobs are done well by Navigating officers or Deck officers.

Marine Engineers:

Ships float from place to place for quite a few days. So, it feels like a living city that is floating in oceans. And a ship requires huge engines that help the ship to propel. Also, it needs big generators to generate a huge amount of electricity and various other machines that help the ship to run properly daily. And Marine Engineers carry forward these jobs regularly.

How to join merchant navy:

Those students who find the jobs interesting and want to join the navy after their 12th standard need to have an academic background in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Students who did not have these subjects in their 12th standard can opt for other undergraduate courses.

B.Tech./B.E. Marine Engineering:

This course is 4-years long. After the course is completed students are provided a Class 4 Marine Engineer Officer Certificate by the Ministry of Shipping. Candidates must have six months of sea service to get a job.

GME Course:

This course is one year long pre-sea training for mechanical engineers and naval architecture graduates. Candidates get a Class 4 Marine Engineer Officer Certificate of Competency from the Ministry of Shipping, India when the course is finished. After the course, six months of sea service is mandatory for the job.

B.SC. Nautical Science:

This course requires 3 years to complete. And after the completion, candidates are given Second Mates Foreign Going Certificate of Competency by the Ministry of Shipping, India. Candidates need to have 12 months of sea service after this course to get the job of navigation officer in the merchant navy.

There are some other courses as well that can be opted for by the students:

Ø  Commercial Diving Course

Ø  B.Sc. Maritime Science

Ø  NCV Course

Ø  Deck Rating Course

Ø  GP Rating Course

Ø  Engine Rating Course

Ø  Electro-Technical Officer Course

Ø  STCW Basic Safety Training

So, if you think that the adventurous job of the merchant navy suits you, do not miss the chance to get into the merchant navy. There are definitely some difficulties with it. For example – you will need to spend almost 7-9 months on the ship. But the good sides will definitely repay and your experience will be fulfilling. 

By Sayantika Mondal

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Your article about joining merchant navy in India was really helpful and informative. I especially like that you included a list of top colleges of India. I'm now in the process of gathering information about where I should attend, and your list is very helpful.

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I read the content and found it very informative. Thank you for writing the article about how to join Merchant Navy in India.

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