How to Study Biology for NEET 2020 UG Exam?

March 17, 2020

How to Study Biology for NEET 2020 UG Exam?

In the NEET exam, There are 90 Questions in biology – 45 botany and 45 zoology. Thus  Biology carries the highest score. It has 360 scorable marks out of 720. Hence it can assure you a very good rank if you are well prepared in biology. The majority of the questions of Biology are based on basic concepts as given in the NCERT books of class 11 and class 12.

Sections of biology carrying good weight-age are:

Human Physiology
Plant Physiology
Cell Biology
Molecular Basis of Inheritance
Genetics and Evolution
Reproduction – Flowering Plants and Human
Diversity in Living Organisms
Structural Organization in Living Organisms

Important Tips for studying biology:

1.    Always make a timetable of study and revision. You will have to study biology daily; thus allocate your time well.
2.    Try to read your biology topic a night before it is taught in the class; it really helps.
3.    NCERT books are a must to study biology for NEET Exam.
4.    Diagrams given in NCERT books are very important and lot of questions are based on diagrams.
5.    There are plenty of examples given in NCERT books; do solve them all.
6.    One should know the weightage of all the chapters so that you can prepare accordingly. Spend more time on the chapters with high weightage, though others can’t be ignored. A list of the most important chapters is given in this article.
7.    There are a few topics like Animalia and Plantae, which are a bit confusing. Phylum non-Chordata and class levels up to chordate will require a lot of practice.
8.    Make short notes of important topics; these are very useful in revisions.
9.    Solve as many online tests as possible; they are very useful for practicing time management.

10.    Previous year question papers are equally important and need to be practiced regularly.

Hence, focusing on studying biology well for NEET-UG 2020 exams will pay you very good dividends. There are students who score more than 340 marks just in the biology section. Practice again and again and master the NCERT biology books for excellent marks in biology in your NEET 2020 attempt.

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