IIT Delhi - Research Projects Net Worth

November 19, 2019

IIT Delhi - Research Projects Net Worth

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) has bagged worth 765 crores of a research project in the last two years, along with the endowment funds of 250 crores. There has been a rise in the research and consultancy projects of IITD, confirmed as per the reports by the Institute itself. In the year 2018-19, IITD took 317 research projects, along with 290 consultancy projects which are a significant rise in undertaking as compared to the 282, projects in 2017-18 and 158 research projects in 2016-17.

According to the Institute, the value of growth is much higher in project value as well. In 2015-16, the Institute had 136 projects, nearly one-third of what is right now, however the value of those projects were just 72.4 crores, nearly one-tenth the value of what is today. IITD has grabbed big projects, one of the projects is the enhancement of India’s science, technology, and innovation. IITD is pursuing to provide the best research for this project.

The endowment fund was launched on November 1st, 2019 for IITD by the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind at Rashtrapati Bhavan. The Institute has the initial collection of 250 crores, half of it coming from the co-founder of the Flipkart, where both the co-owners, collectively donated 125 crores and the co-founder of Udaan has donated 10 crores as well. The target has been set to be 1000 crore for the funds by 2020 and 7000 crores by 2025. It’s one of its kind and the major objective behind launching such funds is to improve the development of the University and nurture the Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

IITD is also carrying forward some Interdisciplinary Research on the campus as well as outside. There are nearly 47 projects IITD is pursing within a partnership with AIIMS in research for the field of Medicine and Biomedicine.

IITD has shifted its focus more on the post-graduate and doctorate courses from undergraduate courses. There are 1000 Ph.D. scholars from IITD over the last three years and currently, 2883 research scholars are seeking their Ph.D.

The performance of a candidate in the JEE Advanced examination will form the basis for admission to the Bachelor’s, Integrated Master’s and Dual Degree programs (entry at the 10+2 level) in all the IITs.

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