SAT Exam Pattern 2020

September 09, 2019

SAT Exam Pattern 2020

SAT 2020 Exam Pattern | SAT 2020 Test Pattern

SAT Exam Pattern 2020 - The SAT is quite a popular examination for entrance in American colleges and universities along with ACT. This is what makes it one of the most sought-after examination in India for students who wish to study abroad. Various coaching institutions in India offer classes to help students prepare for the exam, and get familiarized with its examination pattern. However, if you are not one of these students, this article will help you get familiarized with all the sections of the SAT 2020 examination. Also, a great way to prepare would be to purchase the Official SAT Guide by College Board. This book will prepare you with hundreds of questions from each section and also has mock tests for you to practice on after your syllabus is completely covered.


The Basics of the examination pattern are that the exam is divided into two sections of Mathematics and English, both of which are further divided into two individual sections. Both of the major sections have a scoring range of 200 points to 800 points. Candidates also have an option to complete the optional Essay, which is often required by most colleges for admission. It has a score range of 2 to 8 points and takes 50 minutes while all the other questions take a combined time of 3 hours. You will be given a break in between sections to eat or drink water, so you can carry some fruits or snacks with you. You should also keep in mind that this is a pencil-based exam and you must circle the correct bubble using a HB-2 pencil only.

English – Evidence Based Reading and Writing

The EBRW section, also referred to as the English section will have two sections – reading test and writing & language test. The first section will have 52 questions while the second one will feature 44. Their time limits are 65 mins and 35 mins respectively.


The Mathematics section has two divisions for questions you can use a calculator with, and questions you can’t. This tells a lot about the kind of questions you will get in each section. The former has 38 questions and will take 55 mins, while the latter has 20 questions and will take 25 minutes.


While the essay section is completely optional, it is often compulsory for most colleges – especially the Ivy Leagues. This is the reason most students choose to take it.

Hopefully, this knowledge will help you in your preparation for the SAT 2020.

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