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Tips to crack JEE Mains 2020

April 18, 2020

Tips to crack JEE Mains 2020

Joint Entrance Examination – JEE Main is an examination conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) in India. The examination is a National level competition test that offers admission to several undergraduate programs namely B. Tech, BE, B.Arch Bachelor of Planning in plenty of colleges and Universities in India.

Recently, the NTA has released a notice regarding two major updates made in the question paper pattern of JEE Mains 2020. There will only be 25 questions per subject, instead of 30. Also, there will be some questions whose numerical values shall be filled in the OMR sheet itself; with the changes made in the question paper pattern, aspirants should not get worried and rather they should start preparing their strategy for undertaking the examination.

While the January JEE Main 2020 is over, the april JEE main exam has been delayed because of Covid endemic in India. One should not relax at this stage; thus presenting some tips about how to prepaere for JEE Main Exam.

Here are some few tips to build upon that strategy to crack JEE Mains 2020:

Preparation Oriented

JEE demands thorough preparation, it is the most important aspect for undertaking the JEE exam, which requires day & night hard work with consistency. JEE Mains can be cleared easily if aspirants focus on studying the NCERT syllabus textbooks carefully, understanding the basics of every topic is necessary, that provides students an edge over others in their preparation phase.

Knowledge of Syllabus & Paper Pattern

Aspirants should focus on gathering the complete knowledge of the entrance test question paper pattern, the syllabus of the exam and the structural section-wise weight-age of each subject and its topics. Daily preparation will build a habit of solving easy level questions faster.  

Practicing Mock Tests

Solving sample papers and appearing for mock tests regularly will give students an idea of their preparation standards, the maximum number of questions from each subject that they can solve in appropriate time, and thus building Time Management strategy. Online mock test helps them in familiarising with the paper pattern and user interface, under exam pressure state of mind.

Answering with Accuracy

In this competitive exam, there will be several students thriving to get a good score and secure top ranks. Answering Accurately will help students score good marks, otherwise, the negative marking will influence the final score. Based on their potential, students should attempt the examination and avoid extensive negative marking at all costs.

Improving Efficiency

In the final examination, candidates will not get any breaks and they’ll have to solve the questions for prolonged 3 hours. Therefore, students should try to adapt themselves to these conditions that will boost their efficiency and help them stay active for a longer time. They should also focus on answering the question by seeing the options and following the trial & error procedure for the first 10 seconds, which will save a lot of their time.

Exam Day Mindset

Exam day is very crucial; students career depends on the mindset which they follow on the examination day. While answering the JEE Mains 2020, students must only answer the questions which they are sure about knowing the correct answer. Students should have a mindset of answering easy questions fast and with accuracy, moderate and difficult questions should be reviewed before opting for the final answer in the OMR sheet.

Keeping Peace of Mind

Students should not get scared on the final day which they have prepared consistently for a long time, because it will only hamper their success in the final examination. Rather, they should focus on being calm and confident in the examination hall to yield their best performance under exam pressure and be satisfied with this result.

JEE Main 2020, will be conducted in two phases as per the previous year's reformed examination process. The first phase has been held in  January 2020, and the second phase dates will be announced later.  Therefore, students should devote their time for the best preparation of this exam, by considering the scholars advised important tips listed above in order to achieve success in securing an engineering seat.

This article has been modifies in April, 2020. 

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