The Professional Opportunities in Teaching

July 15, 2020

The Professional Opportunities in Teaching

The profession of a teacher is one of the most important and impactful of all the professions in the world. Without the help of teachers, no country would ever be able to have any development at all. In other words, teaching is a noble profession just like medicine is. If you have excellent people skills and a strong desire to impart knowledge, this may be just the profession for you.

If you are interested in driving education forward by becoming a teacher, here is everything you need to know about the scope and salary opportunities in the teaching profession:


  • To get selected as a teacher, you need to have the perfect resume that will help you stand out among the crowd of applicants applying for the same position. For making the perfect resume, you must first ensure that you meet all the qualifications of your new teaching position. Here are the qualifications required for becoming a teacher:
  • Thorough knowledge of the subject you intend to teach. It is preferable if you have a degree in that specific subject.
  • A Bachelor of Education or B.Ed. degree is an essential qualification that cannot be ignored.
  • If you wish to teach higher classes, it is a good idea to get a Master of Education or M.Ed. degree.
  • There are several courses that can help you to develop your skills and knowledge in the field of education. Most of these will award you completion certificates which would help your resume shine.
  • If your goal is to teach in a school affiliated with CBSE, then you will need to clear the CTET or Central Teacher Eligibility Test.
  • To teach in colleges and universities, you will need to have a specialization or doctorate in the field you intend to teach.

Career Prospects

There are several levels at which most teachers teach. These give a choice to teachers about what age group and specialization they intend to teach. These are:

  1. Play Pen
  2. Nursery and Kindergarten
  3. Elementary Classes
  4. Middle School Classes
  5. High School Classes
  6. College Professor
  7. Coaching Center Teacher
  8. Home or self-employed tutor
  9. Online Tutor

Salary Prospects

The package of salary that you may be awarded as a teacher will depend on several factors. These include the institution you teach at, the classes you teach, the designation you hold at the institution, your experience, and the hours you work for during a month. For entry-level teachers, the expected salary can be close to 2.5 lakhs a year, while for more experienced teachers it can go up to 4.7 lakhs a year.

However, it can vary significantly from these figures and depends heavily on the factors mentioned above. If you are very well qualified and have the skills to teach higher grades or even university students, you can earn a lot more than the above-mentioned figures. Moreover, teachers also get several benefits that cannot be ignored such as subsidies in fees for children, accommodation on campus, etc.

Since the education industry is rapidly evolving and booming, the opportunities for teachers are bound to keep increasing. The future of the nation depends upon the rise in the skills and qualifications of the teachers.

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