What is Distance Education? How is the Distance Education System in India?

February 22, 2019

What is Distance Education? How is the Distance Education System in India?

Distance Education (or) Distance Learning is kind of education system using some educational strategies to take the advantage of technology to provide coaching to students not in the way of traditional education setting like class rooms.

The Life of a normal Indian man is highly depended on education for his next level growth of his career. Regular Full time Courses cannot choose by the working professionals and also for people who lives in distant land. These days, Most of the colleges in India offer a distance learning courses in almost all the fields. There are some universities were specialized in providing Distance education with Full study materials. The accessibility of distance learning facilitates the students to acquire the degree and the college of their wish.

Distance Education India was implemented to help the students who want to pursue education with lack of money to attend colleges. There was more number of people who really has aspiration and dedication to complete or upgrade their education. But they might be lack with money or time to attend the regular classes. This case the distance education can be helping these people to pursue graduation.

Distance Learning in India becoming very popular just because of the reason for choices of the courses and universities also the financial independents. Distance Education is growing well and many renowned institutes started to give this facility for the students. Some online courses also there which helps you to away from carrying the books. Mainly the management and engineering students often wants to go for the distance learning rather than regular colleges. People go and settle with the right job and they go for higher education when the time for their promotions, it’s highly recommended for these people.

There are more number of universities available in India who provides distance learning courses like Part time Diploma, Part time B.Tech, Part time M.Tech, Distance Learning MBA, MCA Courses and other PG UG Courses and PG Diploma courses.

Courses like Part Time B.Tech or M.Tech cannot be pursuing with theory. In distance Learning system, you can go classes for shorter period, certainly you need to attend lectures and practical’s which conducts on weekends.

The sources of distance education are not just limited with books. There are other mediums like radio, television, laptops, CDs, computer, video lessons and projectors that are used to help students study in an enhanced way. Main goal of distance learning in India is not only to educate the younger students but also the older age people to achieve their academics and their dreams.

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