Exit Test For MBBS Proposed In The Medical Bill

June 12, 2019

Exit Test For MBBS Proposed In The Medical Bill

Mega changes to be introduced in the medical education sector. With the dissolution of the 16th Lok Sabha, the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill stands lapsed. The new Government is planning to put a fresh draft before the Union Cabinet, after certain modifications. In the previous bill it was proposed that the medical practitioners of alternative medicines (AYUSH) should be allowed to pursue allopathy by taking a short ‘bridge course’. As this proposal was opposed by the IMA, this provision has been omitted as of now.

The amendment to the NMC Bill which stands out is that, the final year MBBS exam would be held commonly throughout the country and it will be called NEXT or National Exit Test. The students will thus not be required to take a separate license exam after MBBS, to practice. Also, NEXT would be the screening test for those doctors who have taken medical degrees from foreign universities and want to practice in India.         


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