Pursuing MBBS Course may get cheaper in India

December 12, 2019

Pursuing MBBS Course may get cheaper in India

Good News: MBBS Course in India to get cheaper 

In New Delhi, a panel has been tasked by the Government to draft guidelines regarding the fee structure in private medical colleges which proves to be a big relief for the Medical students in India. Currently, in India pursuing an MBBS course costs a lot, about 25 lakhs annually, therefore the panel is working for reducing the fees for half of the private medical colleges by 70 percent, which will range between 6 to 10 lakh Rupees.  

This initiative was taken by the National Medical Commission under Union Health Ministry who appointed board of governors to vest powers of the MCI and draft the fee structure for the deemed Universities for the next academic year. The fees for the PG courses range between one crore to three crores, therefore the fees for graduate seats are decreased by 70 percent and for the post-graduate seats, it is decreased by 90 percent.

The NMC act received the assent of the President on 8th August 2019 and it came into action the very same day to usher in mega reforms in the Medical educational sector. The President dissolved the Medical Council of India, and the board of governor was appointed to consult several states in India and recommend their suggestion regarding the fee structure. The National Medical Commission act replaced the MCI in order to work for the development and regulation of medical education and the associated institutions. 

The Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 now has no provision over the admissions to the Medical and Dental private colleges, and according to the recent NMC act the commission is empowered to draft guidelines for the fees structure and charge fees for only the first year from the freshers at the time of admission. This act will be implemented under the supervision of the Supreme Court who has appointed several retired High Court judges to undertake an interim measure of fixing fees in private colleges.

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The state government will still assess federal rights to decide the fee structure of the remaining seats in some of the private medical colleges, on the basis of mutual agreement. This act has allowed almost 75 percent of the total seats in the country to be available to the students who aspire to pursue MBBS in India at a reasonable fee.

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