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Career counselling and its benefits

September 17, 2019

Career counselling and its benefits

Which is the best course for me? Career should be taken seriously and it should be chosen wisely. It is always a good career that obviously gives a satisfying and a peaceful life and helps an individual to rise up the societal ladder and provides an economic stability. In many instances, it becomes a social stigma if you do not have a proper carrier. In order to sustain and maintain a healthy lifestyle, money is needed and only a good career can fulfill it.

Advice from the career counsellors is required for this purpose to reduce the confusion on the choice of the right career for a candidate, the scope and future of a career, which companies provide better job prospect, the job market scenario, salaries for different post according to qualification, how can one avail a particular job, or know about the study prospects. In the case of students, parents are also advised the right career option for their children by various schools nowadays. Now days, many online career counselling options are available in India. A good career advice for young people is provided in a prompt manner.

What happens in career counselling?
Both students and professionals approach career counsellors to seek for guidance. As career is a process for an entire lifetime, sometime career is at the highest high, sometime it is balanced and may be at times it is at the lowest low. The preliminary task of a counsellor is to identify a candidates merit and short comings and advise them accordingly the correct career path.  For this, each candidate has to pass several tests like aptitude tests, Interest Tests, and Personality Tests. Myers Briggs personality test is world famous and exclusively used for personality assessment. All these tests can be taken online and then the career  counsellors can review the results of the results of these tests and come up with a final report to help the student identify the correct  careers.
Thus based on the answers, they are advised the subjects or the career option which is best suited for them, where the courses are available, how can one avail the courses, its merits, demerits and its future prospects. The counsellor access a candidate’s interest both in educational and vocational activities and suggest them accordingly. 

How to Select Online Career Counselling?
What career is right for me? Career Counselling is conducted online and advice given within 24 to 48 hours. Availing career counsellors online saves time and energy to a great extent. Candidates get the required information just by the mouse click.

Benefits of Career Counselling
Firstly candidates are confused about their careers. Different people give them different advice. But it is always advisable to get the right advice that too from the right people at the right time. A face to face conversation certainly has the power to boost greater confidence to the candidates. A combined Online and then usage of Skype for face to face helps a lot. At times the face to face helps the counsellor explain the result report to the student. Also if the candidate has some confusion or query about anything, it can be resolved and answered by a group of experienced and qualified professionals then and there.

So, it is always better to opt for carrier counselling at the right time to focus on better career opportunities and a bright future. The right time is when one is in high school i.e. 8th to 12th class or grade in a school. But it is never too late; even when one is in college and not happy, career counselling can help a lot re-plan your career choices. It is wise to opt for online career counselling as it can be done sitting at home and very convenient. A chat with career counsellor is always done in the online tests and very useful.

So the best career advice for young people is just one click away and should be utilized rather than wait to go out, seek appointment, find time and then get counselled. Results are equally professional and satisfying.

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