Targetting IITs

September 16, 2019

Targetting IITs

Students are often told that it takes many years of exceptional intelligence and dedication to crack the IITs as well as that for most it is impossible to crack it. Nothing can be more further from truth whereby IIT JEE can easily be cracked with right strategies and whole new direction. The very first step is having a belief that you certainly can crack it, followed by a great strategy that considers every angle of any problem before having it solved. Here are the factors to be kept in mind when targeting the IITs.

Planning has to be proper
Usually, students opt for studying two to one years prior, when preparing for IITs. So planning is imperative and it has a significant role. A great strategy of planning keeps student focused and also results in much better gains. Make a to-do list, set goals and work out the amount of time that is needed in achieving those. However, realistic time-frame has to be allocated. It is a good practice to find students who has cleared the test and take come advice from them
Managing time

JEE aspirants face the crucial issue of managing time. For managing this, it is mandatory that students are able to take a stock of their updates daily and have it calculated as to what amount of time can be devoted for the preparation if anyone strives really hard. All the three subjects Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics have to be given due importance. More than anything daily proposed timetable has to be consistently and regularly followed.

Devising while revising
Crux of preparation for JEE is revision. It is always important in putting topics that have been learnt for practising. Also this is exactly where revision helps. When there is more practise, the topic present on hand is even more perfected. So while, a list of unfinished syllabus is prepared, you shall revise topics that have been learnt already.

Studying from right books
Internet and the market is flooded with loads of course materials and books. Thus, it is vital that one chooses those books that are meant for the IIT journey. It is advisable to not follow popular perception to buy all books because then there are too of many of them; and you may not have any clue about where from you can study. Great study material has to be chosen and stuck to. A great skill set of analytics is required for pre-planning for JEE Advanced, the entrance test for admission to IITs.. Again your teachers and coahes are a treasure house of information and please do not be shy in asking them!

Dos and the Dont’s during the Exam
⎫    The questions have to be completed especially those you are sure about solving. Time wastage has to be stopped if one is not confident enough.
⎫    Those questions have to be targeted that carries more marks like if there is a ten marks question with two five marks one then go for the ten marks one. .
⎫    Policy of divide and rule has to be followed whereby problems have to be divided into sub-problems.
⎫    Remain cool and do not get nervous at any point while reading questions, work out a strategy of solution in mind and then pen it down.
⎫    Remember that negative marketing persists thus attempt those that you are sure about and later unsolved ones can be given a try.

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