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Career Counselling – Changing Minds

March 15, 2019

Career Counselling – Changing Minds

Selecting the right career is extremely important because the whole life of a person today is dependent in a way on his/ her career. So career should be chosen wisely with proper guidance from the right people. Choosing the right career is also dependent on a student’s liking and disliking. Career Counselling is the established method to help students find out about their interests, personality and preferred careers! Various career counsellors are appointed today by all the recognized schools all over the world to guide them to choose the correct career path.

Why a Career should be selected according to a student’s liking and disliking
Some might like literature and arts; someone might like math and calculations, someone may like science and researches, while another may have administrative or leadership skills. There are many who convert their passion (music, drama, drawings) which may be their liking at a stage into to a highly successful profession.
These are only a few generic heads, the spectrum for selection of a career option is huge, is indeed immense. Many students may select a subject just because of their peer or parental pressure and many might go to attend classes just because their friends have chosen a particular subject. Some might select a subject and later regret or may not like it and leave it in the later stages. Many student or even guardians are unaware about the future prospects of a career choice. Considering all these instances, as well as a student’s liking and disliking a correct career choice becomes important and a career counselor’s role becomes extremely important.

How Career Counsellors help students?
Career counselor are trained and experienced professionals whose work is to give correct career advice to the candidate. Students have to go through different tests both written as well as oral, and then sit for counselling test. The procedure also includes psychometric tests, checks the mental ability and reasoning power of the candidate, spoken English skills, aptitude tests etc. Based on the performance and merit, the career counselor generates a report to the candidate. Considering all these reports and analysis, a final feedback is generated by the career counselors and given to the students.

When is the best time to get counselling?
Nowadays, all the big and recognized educational institutes generally have in house counselling teams or professionals who guide the students accordingly. Otherwise counselors are appointed by schools before the boards or prelims. Particularly after the 10 plus 2 examination career counselling is extremely important because most importantly it helps in guiding the changing mind, the freckle minded students what to do next, parents are advised in many instances about the possible scope of a particular career option and suggested what is good for their children in the days to come how the candidates will be benefited.

Choose the right ones to guide you
The counselors not only suggest the right career options for a candidate but they also talk about the scope of a particular career, what particular career can offer a candidate in the near future, how a candidate can be succeeded from it. So it is no harm taking advice from the people or team of people, who are qualified professionals dealing career prospects every day and are there to offer the student the right choice of available career options for them.

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