Career Opportunities In Physical Education

May 05, 2021

Career Opportunities In Physical Education


Physical education is an educational subject as well as a profession. Physical education includes the knowledge and study of all body activities and psychomotor activities during any play and movement.

In some of the institutes, training in physical education is compulsory during school. Physical education is also available as a part-time course.

Courses and Duration

Physical education has a variety of certificate courses, diplomas, and degree courses in a broad curriculum. At present, it's a big career choice for students to opt for after 12th grade. The best part of this course is that a student of any discipline can be admitted to physical education.

These courses are designed to encourage students to engage in physical or sports education. In some of the certificate courses, there is an age criterion. Physical education is a significant theme in most colleges and schools. This subject is considered to be a supportive subject.

Physical education has three levels of study after 12 as follows:

1. Certificate courses: Certificate courses are taken in any stream for one year after the 12th. List of course certificates:

·         Aerobics

·         Science of Yoga

·         Naturopathy

·         Yoga and Naturopathy

2. Diploma Courses: Diploma Courses are taken in any stream for two years after the 12th. List of courses for diplomas:

·         Aerobics

·         Training of Yoga Teachers

·         Yoga and Physical Education

3. Degree courses: Degree courses are taken in any stream for three years after the 12th. List of courses for degrees:

·         B.A. (Yoga)

·         B.A. (Physical training)

·         B.P.Ed (Physical Education)

Eligibility criteria:

·         For admission to all of these programs, the student must pass the 10+2 standard or equivalent examination.

·         Students wishing to pursue a degree in physical education must be fit in their physical fitness and must exercise daily.

·         There is a criterion for access to the applicant's aptitude for the entrance test. The PECET is the entrance test (Physical Education Common Entrance Test).


Career and Jobs:

Today, at the global level, the trend of sport is widening. There are many requirements for physical education experts. Education in physics and sports has been established everywhere to produce such experts.

Physical education as a profession is a very demanding profession in which you can make perfect money. It's a very good profession for anyone who wants to spread awareness about physical fitness. Upon completing this course, students may go to higher education in sports and physical education or work in the health and sports industries.

There are several job opportunities available to you in the field of physical education. You can start your gym or fitness centre.

Job profiles in this field are as follows:

·         Athletic trainer

·         Community/Trade Recreation

·         Instructor of cardiovascular fitness

·         Nutrition Specialist 

·         Instructor of Corporate Fitness

·         Physical Education Teacher

·         Specialist in rehabilitation

·         Physiotherapist

·         Personal Trainer

·         Director of Social Services

After finishing this course, you can get a job opportunity at:

·         Health clubs

·         Sport clubs

·         Ministry of Sport

·         The staff of the Stadium

·         Schools and colleges

·         Gymnasiums

·         Business Teams

·         Health and Sport related organizations


Required skills:

·         Observation and Analytical Competencies

·         Knowledge of health and physical activity

·         Motivation, Empathy, and Leadership

·         Ability to a good explanation

·         Attention to Detail Skills

·         Interpersonal abilities

·         Awareness of the environmental impact on human health

·         Mentoring and Guiding skills

Best Colleges:

·         Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education, Thiruvananthapuram

·         Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (IGIPESS) 

·         Amity School of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Noida

·         Bombay Physical Culture Association (BPCA)

·         Chandrashekhar Agashe College of Physical Education, Pune

·         Department of Sports, Shivaji University, Kolhapur

·         Sadguru Education Society's College of Physical Education, Jalgaon, Maharashtra

·         Vidya Niketan Samiti (VNS), Bhopal

·         Pravara Gramin Shikshan Sanstha Pravara College of Physical Education

 By Abhra Roy

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