Scope of Electrical Engineering in India in year 2023

April 19, 2023

Scope of Electrical Engineering in India in year 2023

There can be these situations, where your parents want you to take up Electrical Engineering and you don’t want to because this is so conventional! What will everyone think of me? Am I not capable of taking up more modern branches of engineering in India? How wrong one can be. Electrical Engineering has so much career potential and a surety of good jobs.

I write this article with the intention of explaining all about electrical engineering and related branches of electrical engineering. Some of the branches of electrical engineering are very exclusive and a study in it ensures very well paid jobs across the world. Not all branches will have an undergraduate degree to pursue. One will have to do a Master of Technology or M.Tech in some of these branches. Eligibility criteria will vary from university to university, but to do M.Tech one has to do B.Tech in Electrical or related branch of engineering. Of course, electrical engineering and a few more are B.Tech courses and eligibility for joining is after class 12..

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What is Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is concerned with the design, development, planning and management of electrical systems and devices. An electrical engineer is involved in research areas, designs, development and manufacturing as well as management of complex hardware and software systems involving the use of new information and computer-intensive technologies too.

Electrical Engineering is useful in almost many fields including:
1.    Computer systems, data and telecommunication networks
2.    Generation and transmission of electrical power
3.    Optical and microwave communications
4.    Integrated electronic systems
5.    Mobile telecommunications and wireless networks
6.    Video and image processing systems
7.    Advanced robotics and intelligent machines
8.    Quantum devices and quantum computing
9.    Renewable energy systems and solar energy conversion
10.    Biomedical instruments and applications, such as medical imaging scanners, the cochlear implant (bionic ear), pacemakers and hearing aids

Other related fields related to electrical engineer are Energy Engineering, Power Engineering, Microelectronics, Systems and Control Engineering, Signal Processing, Multimedia Processing, Telecommunications Engineering, Photonics, Instrumentation, and Real-Time Computing, Video, Image and Speech Processing, Data Networks, Nuclear Engineering, Satellite Engineering, Space Systems Engineering and Quantum Computing.

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Career Opportunities in Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineers are in great demand in many allied industries. One can easily find jobs with Energy Australia, Eraring Energy, Alstom, BHP, Boeing, Downer EDI, Honeywell, Google, Canon, Transfield and Alcatel. Obtain a degree in electrical engineering and one can easily find work in a wide range of sectors including aerospace, automotive, energy, IT and telecommunications.

Jobs directly related to electrical Engineer degree include:
•    Electrical engineer.
•    Electronics engineer.
•    Nuclear engineer
•    Sound engineer
•    Systems analyst
•    Clinical technologist
•    Fire risk assessor
•    Land-based engineer
•    IT consultant
•    Network engineer
•    Acoustic consultant.
•    Aerospace engineer.
•    Broadcast engineer.
•    CAD technician.
•    Project manager
•    Technical author
•    Technical sales engineer
•    Control and instrumentation engineer.
•    Design engineer.
•    Machine learning engineer
•    Management consultant
•    Multimedia programmer
Thus, electrical engineers are highly employable and can find work in many areas, including the electronics, automotive, IT, telecoms, manufacturing, power, transport, utilities and construction industries. There are other allied industries that will not hesitate to ging a job to an electrical engineer. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, electrical engineer jobs are projected to grow by 9% in the years to come. It is a very interesting branch of engineering because it also involves the study of computers, electrical, electronics and communication.

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So, do not hesitate in obeying your dad's command; just close your eyes and take up electrical engineering. It will pay you rich dividends in your life. JEE is an engineering entrance exam conducted in India for admission into various engineering colleges including electrical engineering. it is regarded as one of the most challenging undergraduate admission tests. Once cleared, admission into electrical engineering is easy, if your marks are good.

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