How difficult is it to get Admission into Engineering Course in India

May 23, 2020

How difficult is it to get Admission into Engineering Course in India

Please do not be surprised if I answer that by saying “very easy”. You, after your class 12, are almost assured of an engineering seat in India. The reason I say this with authority is that the statistics which I am going to quote in the next paragraph prove the fact emphatically – it’s a 100 percent certainty that you will get into an engineering college for sure.

In India, for the year 2019-20, there are a total of 3045 engineering colleges in total. 396 of these are Government or Government aided engineering colleges and universities. Rest 2649 are private or private aided engineering colleges or universities. More than 13 lacs seats are available in various specialties of engineering for grabs; 13,27, 806 to be exact. In 2018-19, less than 8 lacs seats got filled; 7,15,554 seats to be exact. Thus almost half of the seats went vacant! These statistics have been published by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) on their webpage.

Thus, getting into an engineering college is not difficult in India. The next question, which could be asked is that is there any catch as it seems a mathematical certainty to get a BTech or BE seat after class 12. The only hitch could be getting the seat of your preference. Thus a good performance in the qualifying exam will ensure that you get the course of your choice in the institution you prefer.

Another trend noted in the last few years is that more seats are staying vacant in the conventional engineering branches like mechanical engineering, civil engineering or electrical engineering.  Thus these conventional streams capacity utilization is steadily falling and hovering around 40%, well below the country average of 50% across disciplines. In contrast, engineering streams involving electronics and computers are becoming more popular and in-demand especially in the last three years and almost 60% percent of the seats are utilized. Still, there is a comfort that one may not get her institution of choice but the course of choice will still be available, it is not at all difficult to get

To enable you to understand this I have split 437 different disciplines of engineering into 20 mainstreams. For example, streams such as computer technology, information technology,  computer networks, software engineering, information science and engineering,    computer applications, computer software technology,  GIS & GPS, cyber forensics, and information security have been grouped together under the discipline of “Computer Science”. So these engineering courses are popular and in demand as compared to the traditional branches. However, a seat is ensured even in the high demand courses.

To get the college of your choice is the reason, why a student must prepare well for the various engineering entrance exams in the country like JEE Mains, JEE advanced, VITTEE and many more. Otherwise, in the current Indian scenario, it is not at all difficult to get admission into Engineering Course in India after class 12. In fact, one has a 100 percent chance of getting engineering college admission in India.

There has been a delay in the second leg of JEE entrance exams because of COVID-19 outbreak. Now new date shave been announced for various enf=gineering entrance exams and please have a look on the notification page or on the exam alerts page or in the Exam Calander to findout about new schedules and dates.

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