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How to become a Doctor without NEET

March 25, 2020

How to become a Doctor without NEET

To make a successful, reputed and better career in the healthcare sector, aspirants do not have to compromise with their area of interest as there are various alternate courses other than MBBS/BDS that can be pursued without appearing for NEET exam. Some are explained as below:

1. Bachelor of Pharmacy:

B.Pharm is a 4-year undergraduate program to practice as a pharmacist and covers all the facets of healthcare including bio-chemical areas that concern the preparation of medicines and implementing them for the right diagnose. B. Pharmacy is basically the study of preparing drugs and medicines for a number of illnesses and deficiencies. The entrance exams conducted for admission in Bachelor of Pharmacy are BITSAT (Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences Aptitude Test), WBJEE (West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination) etc.

2. Bachelor of Science (Nursing):

B.Sc Nursing admission is purely based on entrance exams conducted by AIIMS, AFMC etc. It is a 4-year undergraduate course. The objective of the B.Sc. Nursing is to demonstrate competency in the knowledge and skills for providing comprehensive nursing care based on the problem-solving approach in the hospital and community. In India, the course is registered under and is controlled by Indian Nursing Council.

3. Bachelor of Physiotherapy:

B.Sc. in Physiotherapy is the full-time undergraduate level course that teaches its students to take care of patients who are in physical pain. Pain due to old age, or diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, pain after any accident as well as rehabilitation all come under the study of this course. Topics covered under these courses include Human Anatomy, physiology, pathology, medical and surgical conditions, biomechanics, rehabilitation and other subjects.

4. Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology:

B.Sc. in biotechnology is a 3-year undergraduate course that focuses on molecular and applied biochemistry. The course provides sufficient knowledge and skills to students with different research projects.

5. Bachelor of Technology in Biomedical Engineering:

Bachelor of Technology in Biomedical Engineering - It is a 4- year undergraduate course which encompasses the elements of Medicine and Engineering works on creating new ways to improve human health by combining engineering techniques with biology and medicine.

6. Bachelor of Science in Cardiac or Cardiovascular Technology:

It is a 4- year undergraduate course that imparts knowledge in various topics related to cardiovascular diseases and care like Echocardiography, Microbiology, Lymphatic Tissues, etc along with computer hardware tools. 

7.  Bachelor of Science in Cyber Forensics:  

One can pursue undergraduate course in the field of Forensics and Criminal Sciences, and can work under various profiles like Law Consultant, Investigative Officers, Crime Scene Investigators, Handwriting Expert, etc. 

8. Bachelor of Science in Radiography:

Radiography is a paramedical professional course, offered to individuals who will one day perform diagnostic tests with the use of radiation. It includes the use of ultrasound, X-ray, CT scan, MRI, etc. Radiographers work as a part of the healthcare team in the Diagnostic Imaging Department, Accident & Emergency, Intensive Care Unit and Operating Theatre.

9. Bachelor's in Psychology:

It is a 3-year course that helps people cope with life and mental health issues effectively through therapeutic methods, psychoanalysis and tests. Psychologists can work in hospitals, clinics, schools, etc. or work independently.

10. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture:

B.Sc, Agriculture is a 3-year course that includes Farm management, horticulture, business related to farm products and research related to farm products and various activities.


So, being a biology student, inspite of appearing for NEET exam, one can fulfill the dream of serving in healthcare sector  by choosing any of the alternate courses other than MBBS/BDS. 


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