How to prepare for JEE?

September 13, 2019

How to prepare for JEE?

Preparing for JEE can be a very rewarding thing at the end of it. Having the strong and best basics in chemistry, Maths and Physics can open many avenues for one in future. Amongst lakhs of aspirants that want to prepare for JEE seeks ways that are productive. However, not each one out there connects with best guides or uses best resources.

Thus, the success lie in designing an approach that is foolproof and makes one sail through the exam preparation, quite smoothly. Each one out there moves forward having a mindset that is strengthened by the personal experiences towards preparation of JEE. Hence, they provide best resources and tutoring like mock test, recorded tutorials and reference books. Here is how you can prepare.

Important topics that need to be covered

There are many topics that need to be covered and they have been divided into sections however before you start worrying on how preparations can be done, set of books from NCERT have to be bought so that concepts are well understood. Second step is practising JEE papers, analysing weaknesses and strengths topic-wise and also accordingly working on them. Do not ever hesitate on approaching subject expert teachers or people that are knowledgeable within the reach of yours so that doubts are cleared.


For maths, one needs paying attention to 3D and vectors. Previous analysis of the paper also suggests that definite integral and complex numbers are frequently asked. Complex numbers are useful in solving coordinate geometry as well. Integral calculus is used for simplifying problems that solves time as well. In coordinate geometry, trick lies in acquiring good knowledge besides different conic sections and learning in breaking down simpler basic questions to tougher ones.

Matrices help solve many equations and it is visualized as 3D geometry that is three-planed. The graphs have to be used to solve functions of Algebra taking less time. Hence, learn applying horizontal and vertical origin shifts too. Prepare differential calculus like Lagrange’s and Rolle’s theorems, probability and permutation-combination.


For chemistry you must study the chemical bonding, coordination chemistry and inorganic chemistry parts. Most questions that are related to the concepts are related to applications, processes and structure. In the field of organic chemistry, Group functional analysis, stereochemistry and general sections are vital. Practise speed matters thus try questions that have conceptual clarity as well as applied knowledge for concepts that can go the longest way for solving questions of Chemistry. Special attention has to be attached to electrochemistry, mole concept and chemical equilibrium.


Mechanics must not at all be neglected in Advanced JEE because there are many questions that come from here. Most of them are related to Kinematics and Particle Dynamics. For scoring more modern physics, magnetism, electricity and optics are considered best. Thermodynamics is crucial for both chemistry and physics. One must master Wave Optics.

Online preparation

For those preparing at home, you can choose to study online so that tests can be attempted in making you analyze your performance both topic wise and subject wise.

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