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How to Simultaneously prepare for JEE Mains and Board Exams

November 09, 2019

How to Simultaneously prepare for JEE Mains and Board Exams

The syllabus of JEE Exam 2020 is vast but students have the benefit of having more than half the same course to study for their Board examination, it becomes really easy for students to perform well, if they start focusing on the important stuff and have a clear idea of the common topics since an early stage of their preparation. CBSE Exams are approaching and aspirants are still unsure about scoring well in these exams because they worry about simultaneously managing the JEE Mains and Board Exam preparation. Aspirants need to devote hours of hard work in studying to get through both the exams; consistency and dedication are the key factors for success in any exam.

MyNextExam helps students in finding their true personalities and pursuing careers of their choice, it provides free information about courses and entrance exams. Students can learn about how to manage their time and prepare efficiently for CBSE Exams along with the JEE preparation by following the listed tips below:

  • Writing for practicing Everything
    There are two kinds of tendencies for learning –people learn through reading, which they might forget after some time. But through writing, their muscle memory remembers everything for a longer time. Writing provides the chance of revising at least twice, which prepares aspirants for MCQs as well as written exams.
  • Following a Regulative Timetable
    It is mandatory to plan and follow a well-defined study schedule, that helps in exam preparation and save students from anxiety and panicking in the exam. Regulating through different tasks in a timetable is advised to prevent students from getting exhausted and feel disinterested. Learning to manage time and focusing precisely on individual courses will help a lot.
  • Staying Focused and away from Distractions
    It becomes too easy to lose motivation and forget one’s aim by becoming too relaxed. It is important to steer clear of any distractions and remain focused on the exam schedule, the trick is to study smart by following a routine every day and dedicating proper time to study.
  • Preparing through References and Online Medium
    Previous year papers give a better idea of the kind of questions asked both in JEE Mains and CBSE Board exams, which can be availed through reference textbooks and online. Students can get comfortable with the paper pattern in a short duration of time.

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