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Scoring high in JEE Mathematics

November 16, 2019

Scoring high in JEE Mathematics

JEE aspirants require to focus on all the three subjects– Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics by dedicating specific hours for each in order to ensure success.JEE Main Exam 2020 is only a few months away, and students are still unsure about scoring well in Mathematics. Though they must be thinking that it is the toughest subject among the three but the truth is that it is the most scoring one, the syllabus of JEE Mathematics is vast but students have the benefit of having half the same course to study for their 12th Board exams.

Therefore, it becomes easy for students to score well in this section as the questions are all formula based which tests aspirant’s skill to understand and solve problems in a time constraint. It is advised to start preparing from as early as possible and having a clear idea of the important topics which have more weight in the exam. The early completion of the board syllabus saves the students from the last minute-panicking and providing enough time for extra practice and revision. Skill and Time Management plays a vital role in one’s success; before JEE 2020 aspirants should plan to utilize their time efficiently.

Knowing areas to Score

There are approximately 16 units in the syllabus of JEE Mathematics which students need to cover by giving importance to each unit and working hard daily. Well, it is advised to choose to work smart for this level of the exam as there are some topics which carry more weight according to the exam pattern, therefore they should be given more importance, time and practice. Mathematics is distributed into several sections and it is beneficial to go through the various segments in order to ensure easy preparation and better performance as per exam point of view.

Fundamental Topics:

In mathematics, there are several primary and elementary topics such as Sequence and Series, Trigonometry, and Circleswhich students can go thoroughly to fetch good marks comfortably. They need to go through these topics to ensure a good score in mathematics, as 4-5 questions are always expected in the exam.

Easy Topics:

Mathematics is a very scoring subject if students focus on topics like Matrices and Determinants, Limits, and the application of derivatives. 2-3 questions are always asked in the exam from this syllabus.

Important Topics to Cover

3-4 questions are generally asked every year from topics like Statistics, 3-D Geometry, Integration, and Vector Algebra require a lot of practice throughout the JEE preparation. Having control over the technicalities of this topic will provide easy feasibility to score well in the exams.

Examination Preparation Tips

Time Management

Skill and Time Management plays a crucial role in students’ lives, when the exam approaches, it is very necessary to utilize the last month very efficiently. Students should focus on mastering their strong topics and identifying the weak sectors to develop a deep conceptual perception, this can be accomplished by perfecting their problem-solving ability. It is very important to prioritize time; if students study for 6 hours a day, then they should spend 3 hours on their strong topics, 2 hours on their weak topics and 1 hour on the moderate topics. This time should be spent in isolation, and it is mandatory to focus on problem-solving to overcome the weaker sections of the syllabus.

Selecting Appropriate Preparation Material

It is necessary for students to simplify the preparation process by choosing the right study material in order to eliminate the need to go through a lot of books to understand the context of mathematics. The chances of scoring high in this subject increase as students indulge in practicing questions from the reference books, consulting teachers for guidance in weak areas and choosing NCERT to clear their basic concepts.

Practicing Questions on a Daily Basis

To be well versed with the exam pattern and be productive in the problem-solving assessment, students need to increase their efficiency and speed by practicing a lot of mock tests on a daily basis. Along with the speed and versatility, the accuracy of the students under the time constraints also matters in the examination. Therefore, to ensure a better performance in the JEE exam, they need to practice every day and follow a revision plan.

Giving Adequate Time to each Section

It is very important to analyze the overall paper-based on mock test experience and then attempt the questions with confidence that students are sure at solving. Students should differentiate the questions as per the category of easy, moderate and difficult, which will prevent them from falling for negative marking. They should solve the easy questions first in order to boost their confidence and qualify for clearing the cut-off. Students tend to fall for tough questions and wasting their time in solving it, they should realize that it is a strategy of the examination board.

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