Life after Class 12: How do I become a MBBS doctor in India?

August 14, 2020

Life after Class 12: How do I become a MBBS doctor in India?

I hope you have read my previous article entitled “Life after Class 12: Which Course?”. If not, try reading it, but it is not necessarily vital. You would still understand what I am writing here.

So lets start. One of the most desirable course in India is MBBS. That’s right, everyone seems to want to become a doctor. Its traditional and perhaps a very secure course and career to pursue.  Almost 15 lac students aspire to take up MBBS in India each year. So MBBS is popular. But there is a caveat. It is one of the busiest and taxing course to pursue. Lets decipher the pathway. Its good if you take this decision early and make sure you are meant for it. Read my previous article “Life after Class 12: Which Course?” and that could explain why I say this.

So, after class 10, one joins the science stream in class 11. The compulsory subjects would be chemistry, physics, biology and english with one another optional subject thrown in according to the choices offered. Coaching classes help augment your school studies in class 11 and 12. One also has to simultaneously prepare for the all India entrance exam for MBBS, which is after you complete and pass class 12.

One important thing to remember is that the format of board exams is different from the entrance exam format. Its good to remember that while you prepare for both the exams.
NEET UG is the entrance exam to enroll for MBBS course in India. There is only one exam for all medical colleges in India, and mind you – there are more than 500 medical colleges in India. That one exam is NEET UG. This is held each year in the month of May or June.

Thus, for MBBS and NEET UG entrance exam, one needs to be in science stream in class 11 and 12. That is for the year 2020. There is a new education policy announced in India and the eligibility criteria may change next year. I will modify this article accordingly. But for now, what I write is relevant.

Science stream has chemistry, biology and physics. Biology could be biotechnology, but there are not many who take biotechnology in class 11 and 12. So guys, be sure you are good in these subjects to pursue MBBS in India.

Once you clear NEET UG exam, then you will enroll in the admission process for MBBS in various quotas. Your NEET UG marks will be used to make the merit lists. You can fill up forms for national quota, your state quota as well as for private colleges quota. Each state has its own rules for these selection processes. They are minimum two counselling sessions to fill up the seats. All after the NEET result is announced. 

I will highlight with one example. A student in Punjab will fill up forms for all India quota of 15%, state quota as well as for private colleges in the state. There is a designated national body for national quota as well as for deemed private medical colleges, MCC. Each state too has a body, who will manage the admission process for government and private medical colleges in that state. 

Hope that is clear. Once selected, you will be in a 4 and half years of MBBS studies. After clearing the final year exam, you will do one year of internship. Once internship is over, then one is a complete MBBS article. In my next article I will write about what after MBBS. Happy reading.

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