Life after Class 12: Which Course to Join?

August 14, 2020

Life after Class 12: Which Course to Join?


Now that’s a very difficult questions for many, I would say. Oh yes, there will be many a dude like me who would know what to do or know what career to follow. But trust me, lots and I really mean it – lots are not sure. And there is nothing wrong in it.

Let’s look at it! Why are we not sure? We are maturing when we are in class 10 – the girls definitely are. Boys think they are. But how many of you will not know which career to follow, which course to choose, which college to target. There are lot of reasons, why we don’t know. The main reason is that our studies in school are not very exciting, interactive and informative. We are not counselled well. Teachers are not very interactive. Parents are busy. So many reasons.

So that is class 10 for you. And just when it is finishing, a form is handed out. Which stream one wants to choose in class 11. Hey, I am preparing for class 10 boards. I just do not have the time to think what do I will do in class 11. Boards are important, right! But the exercise has to be done. So mistakes happen.

Here you are in class 11 and wondering why are you in a physics class. It’s so boring and I just can’t seem to understand. But my parents are docs. So they decided for me. Is it their fault to have guided me? And physics to become a doctor. That’s weird. But they will guide you into what is familiar for them. Easy. And I asked for their help as I was confused. So there we are. Science subjects for me, and I am not sure what to do now. 

Of course I am not going to guide you about what is good for you. I do not know you. And it seems you do not know yourself. Find out. Talk to yourself, your friends, parents, elders and take the help of career tests. They all will help. Once you are almost sure what you want to do, you can change your stream, fill up the form and start in earnest. And then you are in class 12.

Class 12 is very busy. You have to study for boards and you have to study for various entrance exams and you have to also research where to study, which forms to fill and which colleges to apply for. For many, the questions still pops, what to study. Yeah that’s right. You have taken a stream but it seems it’s not very exciting as you thought. You are two years older and wiser or so you think, but definitely you want to explore a little more.

And so the saga never stops. Now, how can I help in all this confusion. The only way I can perhaps is by writing a string of articles about various streams, sub-streams, courses and of course subjects and the pathways. Once you read my articles you can take the help of or its app to discover more for yourself. Of course, I cant write about everything. I will try to outline pathways and some careers associated with courses. So be on the lookout for the next article.




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Choosing a course after 12th is very tricky as it really decides what our future profession will be. And the part is very important. Here in this article I really found the ways to choose a stream after 12th that are really important and helpful for students who are confused about it.


There are a list of courses that one can pursue after completing their 10+2 level exam. An individual can go by his desires to choose any subject of his choice which he/she feels to explore and score the best in the end. This article motivates students who generally feel confused with choosing the appropriate subject after passing their 12 level.

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