BDS in India

June 24, 2020

BDS in India

Dentistry is one of the most important courses in medicinal sciences. Your role in giving people back their self-esteem and confidence in smiling can never be underestimated. Besides this, it also brings you an opportunity to get fame and fortune as one of the best dentists in the nation. This is why it is essential to know how to maximize your experience in your dental degree before applying for BDS admission in Punjab. Your dental degree in Punjab will give you plenty of opportunities to learn the best in class methods and techniques of giving your patients a pain-free experience. Learning it well and making the best out of it is your responsibility. This article will give you some tips to maximize your BDS experience in Punjab.

Know What to Expect

A full-fledged dentistry course requires you to perform a lot of training practices throughout your course. As a first-year student, you probably will not realize just how overwhelming this can get. If you speak to your seniors and take advice on the same, you will be sure to make better decisions with your study and practice schedule. This will help you to attain more experience than most freshmen who lose time due to improper management.

Plan Ahead

What you do after your dentistry degree is complete defines how well you utilize this opportunity. Many graduate dentists who enrolled in BDS courses in Punjab decide to work as a self-employed dentist and open their own clinics. Having a solid plan ready before enrolling for Punjab BDS admission 2020 will help ensure that you have a career path to stick to and will know just what the next step is. This will also keep you motivated for your entire course.

Knowing the above information and working on it can help you a long way in your career. This will help ensure that you are able to make it out of your university with everything planned out and ready for success

Difficulties Ahead

I am being very candid here. This course has taken a beating in our country for many reasons. One is because it is clubbed with the same entrance exam NEET which is for MBBS degree. Thus BDS degree has been relegated to the second spot. If you do not get MBBS, then BDS may be a possibility.

It does not have to be like that. Dental course is a highly popular course overseas. It pays better than MBBS and it takes four years to complete. Students who choose this line should be interested to join this course. Only difficulty i perceive is that you chose it as a second choice. Never do that. If you are genuinly interested, you will do very well in this course.

In India, a popularity of a course is perceived by the number of government jobs avaialble for dental surgerons after BDS. Its a wrong notion. If one has done BDS, one could go ahead and do a maters or join a dental practice. One could join corporate hospitals. Salary will be less initially. But thats true for all streams. The key is to joing a job and become confident in your skills.

India has a huge population and dental care is required for all and sundry. If one is confident of ones skills, one can open up a small dental clinic with as small an investment as 2 lacs. Easy loans are available. One could join hands with a collegue and open up a combined practice. One would always get patients and make a very decent living out of a practice within two years. So no despairing; go ahead and join to become a dental surgeon. You will always have a job at hand and no emergencies at night is added advantage. Its a very exciting career for sure.


This article has been edited in June, 2020.


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