Which is Better: MBA or PGDM

June 21, 2020

Which is Better: MBA or PGDM

MBA and PGDM are two postgraduate programs that are often available in the B-Schools of India. Which of the two to choose? MBA is better or PGDM is better? Are MBA and PGDM the same? These are the commonly asked questions about MBA Admissions in India.

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration while PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. As "diploma" word is attached to PGDM, a doubt is created in the minds of an aspiring student about the validity and importance of choosing PGDM course for MBA admissions in India. 

MBA is a degree course available with institutes that are affiliated to universities. The exams are not held by the college but the universities. PGD is a diploma course offered by stand alone institutes not affiliated to any university, but duly recognised by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), a statutory body that falls under the purview of Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Indian Institute of Managements, IIMs, the most reputed and top ranking management institutes in India offer PGDM and not an MBA. PGDMs in India has a slightly better status than MBA in India. They are offered by more institutes and have better tie ups with the industry for placement. However, fees are slightly higher in PGDM enrolments. Overseas placements are equal for both degrees.

There are more MBA colleges in Punjab and Chandigarh. Thus if one wants to do MBA in Chandigarh or Punjab, there is more likelihood that on offer courses will be MBA than PGDM. Likewise each state will have its own popularity of a course in India. The most popular advertisements in India about MBA studies use MBA as a course name even if they are offering PGDMs as their listed courses.

Thus, in India, it is important to look at the standing of the institution, where these courses are referred. NIRF rankings for management colleges and universities is a very important source to find out the status of the course. The higher ranked institutes could be offering PGDMs or MBA as the courses. It just won’t make much of a difference about the course. However the stature of an institute will be more important during placements for jobs.

NIRF rankings are available on our site. The latest ranking for 2020 have been announced a few days back. Just chose ranking as a filter to know the latest ranking of a college you are interested in.

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This article has been updated in June, 2020.


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