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Most Promising Career Options In Agriculture Sciences In India

September 17, 2019

Most Promising Career Options In Agriculture Sciences In India

What are the most promising career options in agriculture science? Actually lots! Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. India is a major producer of vegetables, fruits and flowers. About 58% of the rural population earns their livelihood from agriculture. Therefore, the demand of qualified professionals is increasing in this sector. Agriculture is a diversified field and offers a number of career options. The four major areas that fall under the category of agricultural sciences are food, plant, soil and animal science.

The most promising career options in agriculture sciences in India are as follows:

1.    Agricultural consultant:  Agricultural consultants give advice on how to use and manage agricultural land; either they have technical expertise or they specialize in business. Technical experts often focus on areas like crop rotation, pollution control or forestry consultancy whereas person who specialize in business aspect guides agricultural landowners from financial viewpoint and business strategies.

2.    Fish farm manager:  A fish farm manager looks after the daily operations and overall management of a fish farm. They are responsible for rearing and breeding of fish for consumption, pools, or sports fishing stocks for both wholesale and retail trade.

3.    Plant breeder/geneticist:  A plant geneticist is a scientist who is associated with study of genetics in botany. They play a key role in improving and maintaining the yield of crops, keep them disease free, improve existing plant varieties and create new ones with improved appearance.

4.    Soil scientists:  Soil scientists are qualified persons who examine different types of soils from diverse geographical locations and interpret soil-related data which helps to understand soil resources because they contribute in agricultural production and has an effect on environment.

5.    Food microbiologist:  A food microbiologist tests samples of food and look for presence of microorganisms and focuses primarily on preventing food borne diseases. Their study revolves around preservation of food, spoilage and food poisoning. They also take part in food legislation establishment and enforcement.

6.    Dairy farm manager Professionals manage milk production, its collection, storage and supervise processing to make milk fit for consumption. They also focus on areas like storage, packaging, distribution of milk and its by-products.

7.    Poultry farm manager:  Poultry farm managers look after chicken farms and manage sales and distribution of chicken-based products to manufacturers of food. One can find job in veterinary hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and feed analysis laboratories.

8.    Agronomist:  Though there are several functions that an agronomist performs but primarily they are concerned about the health and well being of crops used for consumption, fuel and reclamation. They conduct research and experiments to increase the yield of crops such as corn, soybeans, cotton and wheat.

9.    Agricultural economist:  An agricultural economist can forecast economic conditions in relation to agriculture. They monitor agriculture industry and based on the data they collect, make strategies for business and individuals in the agriculture industry.

10.    Agricultural engineers:  Agricultural engineers are responsible for designing agricultural machinery and equipment using CAD technology. They also test machineries and equipments at regular intervals to ensure that they are functioning properly.

Scope of agricultural sciences
Many government and private job opportunities are available for agricultural sciences in India. State Agriculture Departments and Government Banks recruit agricultural science graduates. In the private sector, they can find jobs at plantations, fertilizer manufacturing firms, agriculture product marketing firms, agriculture machinery industries and food processing units.

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