Reasons to take up a basic science course

December 15, 2021

Reasons to take up a basic science course

Reasons to take up a basic science course

The basic science course is the first portion of the medical program completed through the first five semesters. Pursuing a basic science of medicine course during your MD program can prepare the medical students with problem-based learning and an in-depth understanding of the clinical correlations to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the foundations of medical science. A basic science program caters to meeting the health care needs of society. Starting in the first semester, the students are subjected to perform tasks, including physical exam skills, history-taking, and problem-solving techniques. 

The Caribbean island medical schools offer structured basic science courses in small class sizes to maintain interaction among the students and teachers. With a balanced ratio, the students get ample time for personal and hands-on training and learnings from the expert faculty through the basic science course. 

This article will discuss the reasons for taking up a basic science course.

Develops a solid foundational knowledge of medicine: The modules covered during the first half of the basic science course aim at developing an understanding of the normal processes. It primarily covers the normal structures and functions of the human body while focusing on the biochemical aspects of various systems. A basic science curriculum is designed to serve as a foundation of medicine. The basic science course covers anatomy, histology, genetics, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, and immunology. 

Prepares aspiring medical students to take up the USMLE step 1 examination: The United States Medical Licencing Examination is a three-step examination that can earn the aspirants a medical license to practice in the United States. Pursuing a basic science course can help you prepare for the USMLE Step 1 examination. Passing the test on the first attempt and with a high score can allow you to secure a position at your desired residency. 

Familiarise the students with clinical skills: During the basic science course, the students can get a chance to practice and learn clinical skills, which are central to a successful career in the medical field. The students can get an opportunity to learn clinical skills that can help them during the clinical rotations in later years of the academic program.

Provides hands-on clinical training: The students can get an opportunity to visit the hospital as and when possible during the basic science course. Thus, getting a chance to visit the hospital in the initial years can work wonders for your medical career.

Introduces the students to the clinical medicine program: The first half of the MD program focuses on developing theoretical knowledge and clinical skills that can help them during their clinical rotation years. During the clinical rotation, the students shadow a physician to work in the different medical disciplines. The basic science course assists the students in providing them with the knowledge required to succeed in the clinical medicine program. 

A medical field can shape your entire professional career by allowing you to serve human lives in a truly unique manner. The medical program can be your first step towards becoming a medical professional. Studying a basic science course can help you learn from comprehensive and detailed courses for a strong foundation of medicine. If you are eyeing a medical program, log on to our website for more information!

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