Should You Take Coaching for SAT

November 25, 2019

Should You Take Coaching for SAT

The SAT is an important and standardized exam conducted for students wishing to study undergrad courses in US universities. This exam is meant to test the various abilities and skills of the students, namely in the subjects of English, Mathematics and Writing. The main purpose of the exam is to measure the proficiency of the students in these subjects and then rank them according to their performance for college admissions. The test is conducted via both pen and paper and is graded on a scale of 800 to 1600 marks. However, it is important to know that the test alone is not enough to secure admission in your university of choice as many other factors are also considered during the admission procedure.

Test Structure of SAT

The structure of the test is based on the fact that students can acquire a maximum of 800 marks in each section. The critical reading section allows a minimum score of 800. The optional essay section allows students to score between 2 and 8 marks, while the mathematics section contains a whopping 58 questions. In this section, students are required to solve problems related to the applications of trigonometry and linear algebra. The reading test has 52 questions about complex words, sentences and general literature. This is what makes it the most feared section of the SAT. Finally, the writing section has 44 questions. For good timing, you should aim to solve the math section in 80 minutes, the reading section in 65 minutes and the writing section in 50 minutes.

SAT Coaching

Thus, the SAT has two major sections that Indian students must focus on since math is relatively easy in the SAT. These are writing and Evidence-based studies. The ideal practice for these sections can be done by practicing your vocabulary. The Mathematics section requires basic algebra and trigonometry which CBSE schools cover in Class 10th and 11th. This makes the various sections relatively easy to conquer. The writing section requires the students to work towards improving the structural context of sentences, and rewrite sentences to make them more readable. This is also meant to revolve around humanities related subjects such as history, geography and social science. The reading section is meant to test data analysis skills, inference of phrases, as well as phrase serving in the passage. They should also be able to analyze the aspects of the passage that relate to diagrams and charts. This will allow them to be well prepared for the exam. In order to do this, a great method is to join SAT Coaching. There are several coaching institutions in the nation that provide coaching for the SAT examination and thereby help in improving the grades of the students. If you feel you are somehow lacking in any of the sections of the SAT exam, you can join coaching for it and they will help you improve for sure.

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