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Pursuing an Educational Course in Gaming

November 29, 2019

Pursuing an Educational Course in Gaming

The Gaming industry has completely revolutionized the modern era, it has vastly influenced the youth of countries like China and India. There is a worldwide craze for gaming, the players from the Asian server are recognized to possess immense talent, these players are mainly from China and India who compete against each other on an online platform. Many individuals are interested in gaming for the sake of playing but they don’t understand how a game is made. The countries mentioned above have realized the rapidly growing talent gap between individuals, so they have supported the cause of online gaming by offering educational gaming courses in its colleges.

Future of Gaming

Recently, China’s gaming market has outgrown other top-rated gaming markets of the world, and it accounts for a 25 percent share in global gaming revenue. It is believed that the future of gaming is very promising, seeing how rapidly China’s gaming market has flourished in the past few years. The gaming industry is seen as the backbone of the entertainment industry, as many individuals are involved in this field either through employment or investment.

Meanwhile, India’s youth possess immense talent but they need to cultivate its talent with technological advances for the development of the country and to stand against other international teams in global competitions. A recent survey revealed that the gaming industry calls for new job opportunities in league management, data mining, media production, and commentary and training. Thus, there is a bright future for students in pursuing a course in Gaming.

The Gaming Course

Courses like - Introduction to Game Studies have been introduced lately, that introduce the students to issues related to game development, and train them about the superior technology involved, industry roles and psychology behind making games. Top Chinese Universities are offering courses in e-sports, which includes the in-depth study of technical designs and user experience from the game; the students need to pass five group assignments throughout the course duration. Gaming is a medium to share interesting ideas with people and bring happiness in the world, as the thrilling experience causes an adrenaline rush in our bodies and has an impact on us for a long time. 

On successful completion of an undergraduate academic program, students are rewarded with a bachelor’s degree in Game Designing. Game designing refers to the creation of online gaming content, digital media, and entertainment applications that run on computers and mobile phones, developed for educational corporations and businesses. Gaming in terms of education is a highly competitive sector that demands professionals who possess qualities like creativity, passion for fun and technology, and good programming skills.

Career and Income in Gaming

Although there are many courses in India, The Gaming field rewards professionals with high salary packages, about 5 -50 lakhs per annum, depending on their skills of game development and experience. The gaming sector provides a lot of job opportunities in game development and animation services to professionals having high qualifications and great skill sets.  There are several other genres of gaming like video games, console games, wireless games, PC and multiplayer games. An individual can choose to become a game developer, gameplay programmer, art designer or game quality assurance tester, etc and can find jobs in gaming companies like Tencent, Electronic Arts, Ozura, Zynga, Games2Win, Hashtag, etc.

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