Study Skills for High School Students

November 24, 2021

Study Skills for High School Students

High school students can benefit from being organized and prepared. Using simple techniques can lead to high school academic success.

Finals are a stressful time for high school students. Most students as well as some find themselves in an uncomfortable testing situation due to not being organized and not planning. Some helpful insights worked out by WriteAnyPapers may assist high school students to be academically successful.

Organization for High School Students

A basic and powerful study skill strategy is organization. More than a neat locker and backpack, organization entails a system conducive to learning. Some students utilize one folder and one notebook for each high school class. Within one or two months the folder will be overflowing with loose papers and the notebook pages will be completely used up.

A preferred method of organization is to use a three-ring binder to house all necessary school supplies. The first necessity is to secure a 2-3 inch, three-ring binder. Additional items to add on to the ring is one folder divider per high school class. Behind the last divider students can place a packet of loose leaf paper on to the ring. When a student is in class and notes need to be taken, the student writes notes on the loose leaf paper. Notes are then placed directly behind the divider corresponding to the class.

Another supply for the binder is a compact, three-hole punch. Manufacturers now make three-hole punches that fit on to the ring of a binder. When teachers hand out worksheets, study guides, papers, or graded tests, the student needs to three-hole punch the papers and place them behind the appropriate class divider in the binder.

At the front of the binder, a small pencil pouch can be placed on the binder ring. Students can put pencils, pens, scissors, highlighters, a small stapler, and other small school supplies within the pouch. The student will have always have access to needed supplies for class, thus being prepared.

The best part of using the binder method is that students have access to needed school supplies at all times. Students bring the one binder to each of their classes, and then take the same binder home for homework and studying. They no longer forget a folder or notebook at school. Papers are neatly organized assisting in the next step of study skill management.

Studying for High School Students

Cramming and studying are two different ideas. Cramming is forcing your mind to remember concepts only a day or so before a test. This technique is called short-term memory. Studying is the practice of re-reading notes, highlighting notes, quizzing oneself on the notes, utilizing study guides, and re-reading chapters of books daily or even using research paper writing help or peer reviews. This strategy is called long-term memory.

Incoming information, like reading notes, can be encoded into the brain for later recalling of the information. For this to happen, the brain creates a neural pathway that stores the information. Some people who have a photographic memory can encode information quickly without much effort. Others need repetition to create the pathway to store information. Some students can cram for tests and receive a decent grade; however, cramming is a form of short-term memory. When the same students are tested on the material at a later date, much of the information is quickly lost.

Note Taking Skills for High School Students

High school teachers often teach students a preferred manner to take notes. Many times the methods correspond to the teacher's tests and exams. Therefore, students should consult with their teachers on the best method for note-taking.

For students who need ideas on note-taking methods, the following are some popular methods:

●                 The Cornell Note Taking System

●                 The Outline Method

●                 Mapping

●                 Charting

Students need to choose a note-taking method that will work for their own needs.

Overall, high school students need organizational skills, studying skills, and note-taking skills to be successful students. As students make studying a priority, it then becomes a positive habit. These skills can then be transferred to the college, which then sets the tone for a successful college academic experience.

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