List of Top 10 IIMs in India: Rankings, Courses, and Fees, Seats in 2021-22

November 26, 2021

List of Top 10 IIMs in India: Rankings, Courses, and Fees, Seats in 2021-22


TOP 10 IIMs 

 1. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

2. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

3. Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

4. Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

5. Indian Institute of Management, Indore

6. Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow

7. Indian Institute of Management  Raipur

8. Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli 

9. Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi 

10. Indian Institute of Management, Shillong 


 IIM Ahmedabad

 It is ranked 1 management institute in India. Its logistic way of learning and wide vision develops the sense of management through various experiences in the institute. It offers both management and diploma courses. 


  • Executive MBA -Duration : 1 year, Total Fee: 28,00,00
  • MBA-Duration: 2 years, Total  Fee: 23,00,000
  • PGP Food Agribusiness Management -Duration:2 years, Total  Fee: 22,50,000
  • E-PGD in Advanced Business analytics-Duration: 1 year, Total  Fee: 10,00,00
  • E-post graduate programme in Management – Duration: 2 years, Total fee: 20,00,000

Total seats: 385.

IIM Bangalore

IIMB  is among the top business schools in Asia. It offers doctorate, research, master’s, and diploma, and certificate programs in management. Students may attend several foreign exchange programs and learn economy across the globe.


  • MBA- Duration: 2 years, Total fee: 23,00,000.
  • MBA Business Analytics- Duration: 2 years, Total Fee: 23,00,000
  • MBA one year- fee: 25,80,000.
  • MBA weekend:-Duration: 2 years. Total Fee: 18,50,00
  • MMS Public Policy- Duration :1 year, Total Fee: 19,00,000

Total seats: 565.

IIM Calcutta

 Popularly known as IIMC, it consistently maintained its position in the top 5 and produced world-class leaders. The cultural events organized are management-oriented. That enables students to learn practically.


  • MBA- Duration:2 years, Total Fee:23,00,000
  • Executive MBA- Duration: 1year, Total Fee: 27,00,00
  • PGDBA- Duration: 2 year, Total Fee: 22,00,000.

Total seats: 462.

IIM Kozhikode

IIMK Kerala is among the deemed institutes of the nation conducting several programs for management students including national and international events and placement opportunity is best, having the record of an average package of 8 lacs.


  • MBA- Duration: 2 years, Fee: 10,00,000.
  • Post Graduate Program in Business Leadership- Duration: 1 year, Fee: 23,50,00
  • Post Graduate Program in Finance- Duration: 2 years, Fee: 20,50,000.
  • Post Graduate Program in Liberal Studies and Management- Duration: 2 years, Fee:  20,00,000.

Total seats: 525.

IIM Indore

An institute situated in the heart of the nation develops leaders who are socially conscious and knowledgeable, ready to solve and manage relevant situations. Faculties are well experienced and ready to give quality academics to students.


  • Integrated Program in Management- Duration: 5 years, Fee: 20,00,000.
  • Executive Post Graduate program in management- Duration: 2 years, Fee: 21,00,000.

Total seats: 450+150.

IIM Lucknow

College builds leaders through professional development and business skills. It offers fellowships as well as research programs in specializations like finance, marketing, operations, human resources, system strategy, and economics. Students can learn management skills abroad also.


  • Executive FPM- Duration: 4 years, Fee: 7,50,000.
  • International Program in Management for Executives- Duration: 1 year, Fee: 23,50,00.
  • MBA- Duration: 2 years, Fee:19,05,000.
  • MBA for working Executive-Duration: 2 years, Fee: 13,65,000.
  • PGP Sustainable Management – Duration: 2 years, Fee: 19,00,000. 

Total seats: 419.


IIM Raipur

Institute has shown tremendous growth over a short period of time. It offers full-time and part-time academic programs; it is one of central India’s best management institutes situated in the capital of Chhattisgarh. It also offers executive education programs, advanced management programs, and management development programs.


  • Executive FPM-Duration: 2 years, Total Fee: 5,43,000.
  • Executive Post Graduate Program in Management- Duration: 2 years, Fee: 9,50,000.
  • Post Graduate Program in Management- Duration: 2 years, Fee: 13,00,000.
  • Post Graduate Program in Management for Working Executive- Duration: 2 years, Fee: 8,00,000.

Total seats: 210.

Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli 

 This is one of the deemed institutes of the second generation, IIM was established in 2011, offering various full-time management courses. Institute hosts several events for the growth and experience of the students like E-summit, HR conclave, and several sports events for the overall development.


  • Executive Fellow Program in Management –Duration: 2 years. Fee:10,00,000 .
  • MBA Working Executive- Duration: 2 years, Fee: 1,00,000.
  • PGPM- Duration: 2 years, Fee: 16,50,000.
  • PGPM Human Resources- Duration: 2 years, Fee: 16,00,00. 

Total seats: 210.

 Indian Institute of Management Ranchi

College offers various management programs and certificate courses. The college has the record of the best international placement last year of 58 lacs and maintains a record of 100% placement.


  • MBA- Duration: 2 years, Fee; 16,00,000.
  • Executive PGDM- Duration: 2 years, Fee: 12,00,000.
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Management- Duration: 32 years, Fee: 20,00,000.

 Total seats: 240+60.

 Indian Institute of Management, Shillong 

The institution is grooming leaders for the world through innovation and knowledge. It facilitates global knowledge, practices, and research. 


  • MBA Working Executives- Duration: 2 years, Fee: 10,00,000.
  • Post Graduate Program for the Executive MBEE- Duration: 1 year, Fee: 18,00,00

Total seats: 180.

By Mithila Rathod

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