13 Engineering Colleges To Teach In Regional Languages

August 10, 2021

13 Engineering Colleges To Teach In Regional Languages

All India Council for Technology Education (AICTE) has given permission to 13 colleges to offer engineering degrees in regional languages.  Courses  are to be offered in  five languages — Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali from academic year (2021-22). The AICTE has started  translating courses , creating online and offline content in 11 different languages.

Permitting  courses in the Indian languages was one of the suggestions under the National Education Policy (NEP) which states that no student should be discriminated against in higher education institutes due to their language choice..

Currently, only those colleges that are running accredited programmes have been permitted to run the courses in regional languages. Of the 13 colleges that received the AICTE nod, two colleges from Rajasthan, four from Uttar Pradesh, one college from Madhya Pradesh and another college from Uttarakhand will run courses in Hindi; one college from West Bengal will impart courses in Bangla; a Maharashtra-based college will run courses in Marathi; one college from Andhra Pradesh will run courses in Telugu and the remaining two colleges from Tamil Nadu are to run courses in Tamil.

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