Career Opportunities For Women In The Indian Army

March 26, 2021

Career Opportunities For Women In The Indian Army

In the olden day, the entry to the three defense services was restricted to men but with the evolution of time women are also participating equally in serving the nation. The government also says that there has been an increment in the number of women personnel in the armed forces through the year 2020 as compared to 2019.


Recently Minister of State for Defence, Shripad Naik told the Rajya Sabha, that a sum of 9,118 women are serving as officers in the three defense organizations along with this approval for recruiting 1,700 females as jawans in the troops of military police has also been granted.


According to the data published by Shripad Naik, the highest portion of women officers is in the Indian Navy covering 6.5 percent of the total officer force with 704 female officers. Similarly, the Indian Army possesses 12,18,036 men against 6,807 women who compose 0.56 percent of the total force and The Indian Air Force has 1,46,727 men on 1,607 women and constitutes 1.08 percent of the total force. Along with this Indian Navy has 704 lady officers forming 6.5 percent of the force.


Adding to the same he said that The Indian Army is the largest amongst the three defense forces and constitutes the highest number of women serving as officers, along with the Indian Army is also the first force to allow females to join at the rank of Sepoys. Besides, the Government has also approved 1,700 women in the Military Police Corps in a phased manner.


Here a few positions for women candidates in the Indian Army

SSCW – Non-Tech (Short Service Commission for Women - Non-Technical), SSCW (NCC), SSCW (JAG – Judge Advocate General), SSCW – Technical Entry Scheme, Military Nursing Service.


In addition to this, the Government of India has also announced the grant of Permanent Commission to Lady Officers in all other Units/ Services in which they are eligible for commission. 


The three defense services are undertaking various publicity measures to promote youth including women to join them. In the same path, The Indian Air Force uses modules like direct contact programs, print, and electronic media is extensively used to create awareness about IAF and the different modes of entry.


Women have been employed in the Indian Navy since 1992 but only in Law, Education, and Logistics departments. However, over time, several other avenues have also been opened for women's selection.

By Usha Saha

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