Great opportunities In Telemedicine

March 23, 2021

Great opportunities In Telemedicine

Paromita Sengupta said, "The registered medical practitioners ( RMPs) of allopathy under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 are eligible to practice telemedicine from any location in India."

Due to the Coronavirus, the demand for telemedicine (aka remote consultation) services has increased a lot. People are not opting to go to the hospitals for check-ups, as there is a huge fear of virus spread in crowded areas. Telemedicine is not just switching to the remote location digital consultation from conventional doctor-patient interaction.

Study Programmes 

Under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956, RMP's of allopathy are eligible to practice telemedicine from any part of India. They will be required to complete a compulsory online course developed by NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro- Sciences), Bangalore, within 3 years of its notification. The Basel- based International Society for Telemedicine and E-health also provides training modules covering the communication tools, ethics, and legal aspects of telemedicine which doctors should practice.

Pay and Perks 

Doctors with MBBS and beyond will get part-time/full-time work opportunities in India and abroad. They will even have the chance to work for transnational telehealth corporate who usually pay an average of $216,958 (Rs. 1.5 crores) annual salary. Other companies pay $100-$150 per hour for the consultation. In India, solo practitioners have a chance to grow their practice by registering at Practo,, find, etc. 

Professional Profile 

Telemedicine cannot replace the physical doctor-patient interaction but, it can do wonders to supplement it. 

According to Gupta, in the post-pandemic era, well-trained telemedicine practitioners will be having excellent opportunities in different medical fields. She even added that Standard clinical skills apart, mindful listening, technical know-how, and preservation are critical attributes for telemedicine. 

By Swaranshi Chhabra

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