NEET 2021: With Positivity And Confidence, Follow These “ 4 Strategies” To Crack It!

March 25, 2021

NEET 2021: With Positivity And Confidence, Follow These “ 4 Strategies” To Crack It!

 For candidates thinking how to score a 650+ in NEET 2021, let’s have a look at some of the strategies to eventually crack it. NEET, one of the most challenging competitive exams in the country is a great pathway for candidates/students who wish to have an aspiring medical career. Not just the competition, but also the syllabus is so vast, that one needs to prepare for the exam with utmost vigour and dedication. This article would provide you exclusive strategies and if you follow them sincerely, you will surely crack NEET 2021 and the best part is that you can also prepare for your Board Exams alongside this NEET 2021 preparations.

The primarily most important thing for a candidate to begin with NEET 2021 Exam preparation would be to know and understand their syllabus deeply. Knowing the topics and the chapters are just a minor thing, but by having a depth and a deeper knowledge of the weight age for each topic would help one to devise a proper study plan which includes prioritising important topics alongside keeping a check on time management as well.


·        THE IDEAL NEET BOOKS: NEET Question Banks with 33 Years NEET Previous Years Question Papers would be great to prepare for the NEET 2021 exam effectively. These Question Banks would provide in depth practice of questions which includes both chapters and vast topics. One can also refer to NCERT Textbooks to discover profound knowledge on every subject as well.

·        MASTERING AN EFFECTIVE STUDY PLAN: With the purchase of the reference books or the Question Banks, the candidates next have to draw up an effective study plan by seizing the day and utilising time every moment. One can keep short weekly targets relating to their study plans, if it turns out to be effective and helpful, then further planning can also be done according to their convenience so that the preparation gets easier and fruitful.

·        TAKING UP THE MOCK EXAMINATIONS/ TESTS FOR NEET: Since the NEET syllabus is so vast,  it is often said to start preparations at least six months before the exam, so that the candidates would have optimum time to master for the exam and secure a good rank. With the first two strategies, candidates are also advised to take up mock tests which would help them tackle those areas where they often feel confused and defeated. Appearing for the mock tests would enhance them to face those difficult areas smartly if prepared with sincere and severe revisions. One can revise and practice with Oswaal NEET Sample Papers which has 15 sample papers including Mock Test for NEET.

·        NO MATTER WHAT- STAY POSITIVE AND CONFIDENT: Having a strong mindset with immense confidence and positivity will help you to crack NEET 2021 Exam. Following the above four strategies alongside firm faith and belief in oneself would help one clear the exams successfully. Wishing all the best to the candidates.

By Tunisha Banerjee

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