SAT Exam 2020 - Exam Dates, Registration, Exam Pattern, Syllabus

To be Announced

Scholastic Aptitude Test June 2020 or SAT June 2020 is the entrance examination for admission to SAT. SAT June 2020 is conducted by College Board.

The duration of the exam will be 180 minutes. It is being conducted in English language. The result date will be announced later.

For Course(s)

To get all details about SAT June 2020 Download Brochure

SAT Exam 2020 Conducting Body

College Board

Eligibility Criteria for SAT Exam 2020

Who Can Take the SAT

You may take the SAT on any of 4–7 weekend administrations if you’re  taking the test for its intended purposes, including: 

  • Applying to a college or university undergraduate program.
  • Applying for scholarship, financial aid, or other programs that  require a college admission test as part of their application process.

If we have reason to believe you’re not taking the SAT for its intended purposes, you may be transferred to an administration where the SAT form is disclosed after the test. In addition, College Board reserves the right to investigate and cancel the SAT registration and / or scores of anyone suspected of attempting to steal and/or share test content. 

SAT Exam 2020 Prospectus

Link: View/Download

More Information

SAT June 2020 at - home test suspended amid internet access concerns .

SAT Exam Registration 2020

Application Form Fee

The SAT is 3 hours and costs $49.50.

SAT with Essay : $64.50

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Once you have added up all the figures in field 25 and entered the sum  in the TOTAL field 25f, choose from the following forms of payment to pay for your registration. 

  • Credit card: You must fill in field 23 for credit card payments  using one of the cards listed on the form. Credit cards are not accepted for some international registrations. See page 9 or go to to view a list of registration restrictions.
  • Check or money order payable to College Entrance Examination  Board: You can use a bank draft or international money order. Checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank. 
  • PayPal: In most cases, PayPal can be accepted as an electronic  payment for transactions associated with registration, but you need to register online to use it. 
  • Fee waiver: You must enclose your completed, signed card. All fields  on the fee-waiver card must be completed or your registration will be returned unprocessed. 
  • UNESCO coupons. 

Do not send cash. Registrations received with cash or checks drawn on non-U.S. banks or forms of payment not listed above will be returned unprocessed. 

Application Form Filling Instructions

How to Register Online

  • Sign in to your free College Board account. Your parent or counselor can’t register for you.
  • Provide your full, legal name and other identifying information. Make sure it’s the exact same name and information shown on your photo ID.
  • Decide if you want to answer other questions about yourself. This takes time, but it’s worth it if you want colleges and scholarship organizations to find you. Learn why you should opt in to Student Search Service®.
  • Choose which Subject Tests you want to take. You can switch on test day, with limits.
  • Upload a photo that meets very specific photo requirements.
  • Check out, and print your Admission Ticket.

It’s a good idea to plan ahead — and get comfy — before you start to register. 

You Might Also Need ...

  • If you’re using a fee waiver, enter the identification number on your fee waiver card.
  • If you’ve been approved by the College Board to test with accommodations, enter the SSD number on your eligibility letter.
  • If you’re home-schooled, enter 970000 when asked for a high school code.

More Information

If you choose to test at one of the following test centers, you’ll be  required to pay an administrative fee of $24. Check online for the most up - to - date list at / international. 

  • 62250 – Asia World Expo, Hong Kong, Hong Kong (Use this code  only when registering by paper for the Asia World Expo center.)
  • 74731 – Embassy Lodge, Islamabad, Pakistan 
  • 74737 – Regent Plaza, Karachi, Pakistan
  • 74746 – Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi, Pakistan
  • 74747 – Liberty Castle Banquet Hall, Lahore, Pakistan
  • 74450 – ZOA House, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 75158 – E21, Singapore, Singapore
  • 75305 – Cinnamon Lakeside, Colombo 2, Sri Lanka
  • 65362 – International Convention Center, Hanoi City, Vietnam

Note that during registration processing, you may be reassigned to a center that requires the administrative fee, in which case you will be billed separately.  

Late Registration Fee

Registrations must be postmarked by the regular registration deadline to avoid late fees. If you’re mailing the registration form after the regular registration deadline, you must include the late fee in field 25d or pay with a fee waiver; otherwise your registration will be processed for the next available test date whenever possible. The late registration period applies only to domestic registrations—international registrations that arrive after the regular registration deadline will be processed for the next available test date, when possible. If registering online or by phone, check for late registration deadlines that apply. 

SAT Exam Syllabus 2020


SAT Subject Tests Available

  • Literature
  • U.S. History
  • World History
  • Mathematics Level 1
  • Mathematics Level 2
  • Biology E / M
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Modern Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Latin

SAT June 2020 Exam Day Instructions

Examination Day Instructions

  • On Test Day

All test centers open at 7:45 a.m. and doors close at 8 a.m., unless otherwise noted on your admission ticket. You won’t be admitted after 8 a.m. If you’re late or absent on test day, you can reschedule for a fee. We recommend rescheduling as opposed to reregistering—it costs less. See page 33 for more information about changing your registration. Most test centers don’t have large waiting areas, so if you arrive earlier than 7:45 a.m., you might have to wait outside until testing staff is ready to open the center. 

  • Identification (ID) Requirements and Policies

Test center staff will compare the information on your admission ticket and your photo ID, as well as your appearance, with the test center roster to confirm your registration and identity. You will not be admitted to the test center if the information doesn’t match (for example, if your nickname is on one item but your full name is on another). The staff are not required to hold your seat if you didn’t bring acceptable ID. If you have questions about our ID requirements and policies, contact Customer Service (see inside front cover) at least 30 days prior to your intended test date. 

  • Acceptable Photo ID

Your ID must be a valid (unexpired) photo ID that’s government issued or from the school you currently attend. Even if an ID or admission ticket photo got you into a test center before, they may not be acceptable at another time. 

Forms of valid photo ID are

  • Government-issued driver’s license, driver’s permit (with photo),  or non-driver ID card. 
  • Official student ID card from the school you currently attend.  School IDs from the prior school year are valid through December of the current academic year. For example, school IDs from 2018-19 can be used through December 31, 2019. 
  • Government-issued passport.
  • Government-issued military or national ID card (such as the U.S.  Global Entry identification card). 
  • SAT Student ID Form. 

ID documents must:

  • Be an original (not photocopied).
  • Show your full name exactly as it appears on your admission  ticket, including the order of the names. 
  • Show a recent recognizable photograph that matches your  appearance on test day and your admission ticket photo. 
  • Be in good condition, with legible English language text. 

Using the SAT Student ID Form

If you don’t have another form of acceptable ID, you may be able to use the SAT Student ID Form, available online at / test - day. 

Items to Bring for Testing 

What to Bring:

  • Printed admission ticket, which is required for entry to the test  center 
  • Acceptable photo ID
  • Two No. 2 pencils with soft erasers
  • An acceptable calculator for math sections / tests that permit them
  • Acceptable battery-operated CD player with earphones for the  Language with Listening Tests only—no power cords or portable stereos are permitted 
  • Earphones, only if you’re approved for assistive technology–  compatible or MP3 audio accommodations 
  • Epinephrine auto-injector (e.g., EpiPens) in a clear plastic bag if  you need one .

More Information

Your Admission Ticket

Once you’ve registered for the SAT or SAT Subject Tests, you’ll be issued an admission ticket. 

Paper Tickets

If you register by mail or phone without providing an email address, or if you request a paper ticket in field 10 on the registration form, a paper ticket will be mailed to you. Call Customer Service if you haven’t received your ticket two weeks before the test date. 

Online Tickets

If registering online, you receive an online version of your admission ticket that you must print and bring with you on test day. You can go back online to print the ticket at any time before your test. You’ll also be emailed a link to the printable ticket. If you register by phone or paper and provide your email address, you’ll be emailed a link to a printable admission ticket. You must print the ticket; an electronic copy on your phone won’t be accepted for admission to the test center. Online tickets are available to most students (unless under 13 years of age). If you registered by mail and don’t have an online account, you can create one at An online account lets us communicate any last-minute changes for test day.

Changes to Your Registration

Be sure to reprint your ticket if you make any changes to your registration information. If you can’t make the date you registered for, either change the date (for a fee) or cancel it. See page 71 to learn about our refund policies. 

To get all details about SAT June 2020 Download Brochure

SAT June 2020 Results

More Information

Online Score Report

On or about the score release date, you can sign in to view your scores easily at (You can also get your report by phone from Customer Service for an additional fee.) Be sure to set up a free account to access your online score report, which will include detailed information about your scores, insights into your strengths and areas that need improvement, and how your scores compare to those of other students. You can also link to your Khan Academy account to get personalized study plans based on your results. 

Mailed Score Report

If you register by paper and don’t have a personal online College Board account, your score report will be mailed to you. You can also request a paper report when you register online. 

Delayed Scores

Scores can be delayed for various reasons; if your scores are subject to any unusual delays, we’ll notify you. If your score report isn’t available online when expected, you should check back the following week. If you haven’t received your online report within two weeks after the score release date, or your mailed score report within six weeks after the score release date, contact Customer Service by phone or email. Score release dates can be found at / scores. 

What is a Good SAT Score in 2020?

December 20, 2019

What is a Good SAT Score in 2020?

What is a good SAT score?

The SAT 2020 examination will have four sections, which will consist of Reading, Writing, Math, and Language and Essay. Each section will have different marks allotted to it, and the essay section will be optional. The Evidence-based Reading and Writing sections have a combined score of 800 marks in total, out of the 1600 marks SAT paper. The essay is an optional section that will be graded between 2 to 8 marks, and this score will not be included in the total SAT score.

Several candidates have bombarded the experts in this field with the same question, What is a good score in SAT Exam 2020? The experts have laid down several facts stating that it is not that easy to predict a good score for the SAT exam since it has been noted that out of the 1600 marks examination, individuals who have scored 1480 marks could get into the Berkley and Amherst University in some year, but some candidates couldn’t get admission in the same university even though scoring 1540 marks in another year.

The results of this examination depends on the number of candidates who appear for the SAT, as it is a major factor in deciding an individual’s overall rank in the exam and whether they might get through the selection process for admission or not. Well someone who scored 1200 also got through the same college as someone who got in for 1400 marks. Thus, there are several such anomalous cases that affect the results and decides the admission criterion for students aspiring to get selected through the admission process in top colleges through the SAT 2020 exam.

Details Regarding the SAT Exam Score Card
The SAT examination is a pen-paper based test in which the candidates are required to fill the OMR sheet in response to the correct answers, and fortunately, there is no negative marking in the exam. The SAT June examination will be held in a similar manner, and the score report will be declared within three weeks of the test.
The score report generally consists of three sections, the first section depicts the score between 400 and 1600, which an individual has scored in the final SAT examination. The second section of the score report is an analysis of the essay score, including the reading and writing section which is graded between 1 and 4, along with the percentile secured as an overall in the competition.


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