I Want To Become A Commercial Pilot! What Is The Complete Procedure To Become one In India?

February 20, 2020

I Want To Become A Commercial Pilot! What Is The Complete Procedure To Become one In India?


This is one profession, which is glamarous but tedious. It takes long and is expensive. There are lots of questions on your mind before starting your career as a commercial pilot. Are you thinking to do a commercial pilot training course? Where would you study this course and how much money to spend on it? Can it be pretty tough to get your commercial pilot license? These are some questions that can come across your mind. To become a commercial pilot and getting the salary to fly is considered as a fantasy for you and those people who dream to fly. Not only will you be paid a lump sum amount, but also will be challenged every step while flying. If you take the decision to start your career as a commercial pilot, then you have to take proper training.

Things to know about training

The training is very costly that cannot be done so easily. Besides the inconvertible fees, you also require to consider the degree of motivation essential to build and maintain the connected skills at a professional pilot level. The state of your health combined with fitness may have to be well improved, so that you are permitted to maintain medical of commercial pilot. As this is a fast-paced job where the competition is steep, you have to follow the norms of becoming a successful commercial pilot.

Need of license

Commercial pilot license permits a pilot to fly aircraft and get recruited in reputed companies. Along with driving, this license covers all kinds of aircraft, where you are qualified to operate sea-planes, single engine, multi engines planes, etc.

Certification system of becoming a commercial pilot

The certification process of becoming a commercial pilot comes under some categories. Those are:

•  Pilot certificates comprise of a student certificate which is issued by the aviation medical examiner. It is not necessary to have any kind of experience or knowledge; you just have to meet the medical needs.

• There is a private pilot certificate where the pilot must possess thirty five hours of flying. This consists of twenty hours of flying with an instructor and five hours of solo flying.



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