Reading Tips: To Pass The Entrance Exam In MBA

March 31, 2023

Reading Tips: To Pass The Entrance Exam In MBA


Reading is a very prominent aspect of any entrance test and not just the MBA test. This is a skill that will not only help you in clearing your exams but will be helpful even when you join the workforce. 

Our reading is tested in the exams because in everyday life, everywhere in the formal sector everything is documented. Even a small instruction is communicated through mails in written format. All this makes it very important that we are able to read quickly and interpret everything which the speaker wants to communicate. The MBA and the MBA entrance test are trying to test the same thing. They will give us any topic under the sun be it related to business or economics or not, whether we have familiarity with the topic or not all of this doesn’t matter. Under the verbal section, Reading Comprehension we can get any topic to be it science, politics, business, economics, psychology, philosophy. 


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Now coming to the tips, you have to first identify yourself as what kind of reader you are. People are either active users, that is they understand what they read for the first time, Others are passive readers who focus on learning what they read. They try to take up all the information which is there without deciding what is actually relevant and what you need. 

For the test, we have to be active readers. We have to skim through the passage or large question and keep only important data that will help us answer the question.

How to practice reading?

  1. Read every day and make summary notes of what you read. Even if you read for 5-10 minutes make 1-2 liner summary notes of it.
  2. Try to read from multiple domains like history, business, politics, philosophy, psychology and understand what is the meaning.
  3. Don’t try to grasp everything i.e. don’t focus on details such as examples, dates, names. Try to find the inherited meaning.
  4. Practice your material and don’t try to cover everything like newspapers and articles. We have time constraints and we cannot master everything so focus on practicing from the material you have in hand.
  5. Try skimming and saving time and not read everything that is written.
  6. Learn new words as you read and try to implement them in day to practice.
  7. Try to question and reason out what is written because this will help you answer questions such as CR-based.

By Shirin Tarachandani

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