Study Pathway to become an Archaeologist in India

October 27, 2023

Study Pathway to become an Archaeologist in India

Archaeology is the study of ancient humans with the help of past materials. People who are experts in archaeology and deal with ancient human culture are called archaeologists. Archaeology basically investigates the past human activities and societies through material development. The main motive of archaeology is to explore ancient human cultures through identification, excavation, and survey of historical sites. And to study archeology and become an archaeologist a student needs to study various subjects like – geology, art history, anthropology, linguistics, history, statics, physics, etc.

Archaeologists use their diverse knowledge to explore the ways of prehistoric societies of different parts of the world. They use different kinds of tools and technologies for their work. Archaeologists also need to study customs, social values, and different cultures of the world for their research. The task may vary for people. And it also includes laboratory equipment, excavating tools, database software, etc.

If these things excite you and you have an interest in the ancient human, you should take archaeology and become an archaeologist. And if you are wondering what are the ways to become an archaeologist, here is the solution for your quarry. But first, you need to know the various branches of archaeology.

1.   Historic Archaeology:

This branch particularly discovers and analyzes ancient artifacts. These artifacts include household utensils, jewelry, daily used items of different civilizations, etc.

2.   Urban Archaeology:

This branch works to understand the plans and the maps of different historical cities. This helps to know the importance of the city and also to know about which kinds of artifacts can be found while digging the area. It helped us to know the planning of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa.

3.   Museology:

It organizes, restores, and restores museums. This branch works to give human existence meaning through the preservation display of historical artifacts. This helps society to understand history.

4.   Maritime Archaeology:

It deals with the discovery of marine bodies that are associated with humans. For example – the lost city of Thonis - Heracleion, the discovery of Titanic, etc.

How to become an archaeologist:

Now that you know about different sectors of archaeology, let’s see the criteria and eligibility to become an archaeologist.

  •  Students can take Humanities or subjects like History, Sociology, and Anthropology in classes 11 and 12
  • Try to score a minimum of 45-50% in their 12th final examinations to take admission in undergraduate in the following subjects
  • For a bachelor’s degree students should opt for Archaeology, History, Anthropology, or Geography.
  • Score minimum of 50% in UG to take admission in Masters.
  • Take Archaeology or Historical studies in Master’s to opt for a Ph.D.
  • Students can go for a Ph.D. as it will open up a lot more options for higher positions.
  •  Students must see the eligibility criteria of the colleges. Because some colleges provide bachelor’s degrees having any stream on the 12th. Also, some colleges provide Master’s degrees without Historical science.        

Scopes for an archaeologist in India:

As we all know India had been the home for some great dynasties like - The Mauryas, The Mughals, The Sultans, etc. And for that reason, India is a rich country having a lot of ancient artifacts. The Archaeological Survey of India or the ASI works to restore and protect these ancient artifacts. The ASI has a lot of archaeologists. Some other organizations like the National Museum, Indian Council of Historical Research, private museums, etc. also hire archaeologists for their work. So, if you want to have a career solving many ancient mysteries, becoming an archaeologist is the best job for you.

Author : Sayantika Mondal

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Archeology is a very interesting yet less popular subject. Students often get confused about certain things and do not opt for this subject. But this article actually helped to clear all the doubts and opened a new area of career for me. So, thank you.

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