Things to consider before renting a student accommodation place in India/Overseas

April 13, 2022

Things to consider before renting a student accommodation place in India/Overseas


1. Research: Basic thing before moving to a new place is to research the information about the surroundings. You can surf the internet or ask anyone living in that area, you can also contact your universities and ask them. It will be convenient if the weather is also considered before moving. And if opting for a different country, have some local cash/ currencies with you to pay around locally.

2. Location: know where you have decided to reside.  Whether the place is far away from your college, library, markets, and transportation facility  All these factors should be kept in mind before deciding the location of the accommodation. You don’t want your crucial time to be wasted in travelling hours from college to home, or buying some essentials, or taking a daily long walk to find the local transport facility. All these would drain your energy which should be utilized in your studies.

3. Space: you should have the idea of your required space, whether you want to rent a studio-like place or hostel-like or just a normal 1bhk/2bhk flat for your accommodation. How much space do you actually need to make yourself comfortable? Whether you want a shared apartment or a personal one. You want to stay in a residential area or hostel and library-like area.

4. Security and support: you should choose your residing area carefully. Safety must be given priority, if you are moving to any foreign country, make sure to enroll yourself in the embassy and have their contact numbers. If you feel insecure about anything let them know. Your university also has a student cell, in case you need help they will figure out things for you. In India, try to avoid living in the less populated outskirts of the city. It would be inconvenient for you.

5. Comfort: you are about to move from your comfortable home and will face many changes in life. You should know your limits of adaptability and choose accommodation according to your comfort zone. With how many people you can adjust living or you want your personal space. What kind of facilities do you require: internet, wifi, ac, heater, pc, furniture, etc. in your apartments.

6. Surroundings: what kind of surroundings you want – whether you like to live near a sports club or swimming club or gym or yoga or some other hobbies you want to do individually or with your roommates /friends. You want to cook by yourself or need communal kitchen services for the meals.

7. Culture: for what kind of study, you have moved to that city and whether your location will help in your learning or not. For example, if you are an art student and you reside near art and museum it will help you to learn things more clearly if you are able to spend time with your majoring subjects. in a practical way. University is always the best place to learn but apart from it your surroundings also help you to learn things faster.

8. Financial support: if your university has allowed -working weekly hours to support your living expenses, then you should choose the place where you easily get part-time jobs and your time being -should be utilized. For example near cafes, convenience stores, galleries, clubs, etc.

9. Roommates: you should be well aware of the people you will be sharing your valuable time with if given choice beforehand, choose wisely. Whether you will be comfortable in female-female halls or male-female halls or male-male halls or just want to live privately.

10. Price: As a student's expenses(financially) are limited, you should choose a place with a reasonable price. And what kind of services you will be provided with, should be asked and confirmed before moving, to avoid extra chaos.

Here are some other tips for the students to consider before making payment and moving:

  • While signing the lease documents, all the mentioned should be read and understood carefully before confirming. The utility bills included/excluded should be cleared before deposit.
  • It would be better to confirm other details like apartments are semi-furnished or fully-furnished.
  • In case accommodations in hostels, heating kettles, and electronics heaters may not be allowed, you should ask your authority before leaving.
  • A visit is a must for your accommodation. If not possible you should ask them to send pictures of the place before submitting the deposit amount.
  • If you know someone living there already, you should ask their reviews about the place, or use social media to find out the information.
  • Check before leaving, what are the things you should carry with you and avoid taking unnecessary items which are already available in your accommodation; it will reduce the burden of your luggage.
  • Read each term and policy written in your lease documents before signing and keep a copy with you to avoid nuisance in the future.


By Mithila Rathod

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