Top 10 MBA Essay Questions and How to Tackle Them for Admissions

March 14, 2023

Top 10 MBA Essay Questions and How to Tackle Them for Admissions


MBA essays are a form of convincing- why they need to be chosen for the university. Universities are looking for an unselfish leader, who knows how to tackle different circumstances and bring people together. The essay should reflect your original personality, it should be authentic, and there is no need to write all the story, just mention the reason to apply in B- schools or write concisely what is asked of you. University needs to know who they are contributing to, what are the prospective an individual’s to pursue management degrees, his thoughts, visions, values for the society via management.


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Here are some essay topics nationally and internationally asked in various deemed universities with the approach of writing them-


Abroad universities prefer to ask their students about their immediate post- MBA objectives and long-term plans 

•What are your short and long-term career goals and how can your skills help you to achieve them?

Cambridge asks this kind of career goals essay. Applicants are asked the outline of what they have in their mind for their future and how management core will help them to pursue it and what benefit will they give to society from it.

•If you are not sure about a post-MBA career path, then how will the course equip you for the future?

This is asked to judge you on the basis of your decisive ability in difficult circumstances and how you handle pressure and cope with it. After facing such situations how much you actually grow and what you have gained from the experience.

•Describe a difficult decision you made recently, and what did you learn from this?

Express in detail the result of the situation that makes an impact on your decision-making ability and makes a relevance, how all these will affect your post-MBA sector.

•Describe your experience with a team project and what you learn and how differently you approach the same situation today?

Try to avoid the actual failures you face unless specifically asked about them. Convey all the details of how you communicated and collaborated with national or international clients and manage your team well. Together you all have come across the hurdles of a project and achieved the goal.

•If you could advise your younger teenage self, what would it be?

Think patiently about the time you were younger, how your mind processes your thoughts and your activities, it must be around you when you are about to enter your college/ junior college year. What ideal paths you could have chosen that change your life today in a better way, what were the decisions you could have avoided or somewhere, you should have acted accordingly without being impatient that could change present scenarios. 


Here are some essay topics from WTA (written testability) of IIM

WAT topics on business Economy asked:

• Economic survey 2021-10-28 rise and gig of the Indian economy

•GST and Demonetisation

•Crisis and emergencies trigger for big reforms

•FDI in multi-brand retail is a boon or curse

•India’s population is an asset for the country

•Union budgets and mergers presented

•Farm bills

WAT topics on education or social affairs

•NEP, national education policy

•Free metro ride for women

• Social activism is necessary for the survival of a democratic society

•Law should be instrumental of social change

•Indo-US relation, beneficial or not

•Ethics and morals cannot be taught in the classroom only

•Swachh Bharat mission

WAT topics on current affairs

• Ban of Chinese apps in India

•Citizenship amendment bill

•Afghanistan and Taliban

• Black lives matter

•Lockdown and its effect

•Make in India, ground realities

•How will the climate summit be successful

•Work from home has work ethics or not

Some tips

The main parts of the essay are its beginning, the main content, and its conclusion.

The question/topic should be taken very strategically and promptly. Explain the topic very clearly; express your vision, what you actually think, and your authentic views on it. Then moving further to the content gives exact detail of the topic and what are its causes, effects and after-effects that can affect the society or a certain group of society. How a single decision could have been avoided or made that help with the circumstances for the betterment. What you have learned from the situation and now this experience will help you in your future projects,

Avoid overlapping of ideas, and repeat the same facts again and again. The facts or stories or details you write should illustrate the traits of leadership and management skills.

•Be authentic and genuine.

•Don’t overlap your ideas

•Try to present in a precise way.

•Explain your perspective clearly.

•How your passion and confidence.

•Explain your plans- academically, socially, and professionally.

•What you learned from your mistakes is the key factor.

•Don’t rewrite the same ideas.

•Organise things smartly.

•Avoid using repetitive words in every paragraph.

•Avoid telling the same things that you have mentioned in your resume.

Keep in mind, presenting ideas over any subject is: for evaluation of your professional attributes for the candidacy in MBA admissions.

By Mithila Rathod

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