Top 20 Private Biotechnology Colleges In India

December 22, 2021

Top 20 Private Biotechnology Colleges In India


Biotechnology deals with the techniques and improvements related to life, bacterial organisms required to enhance any process- for example, to increase the reaction time of some biological process the new hybrid of any plant/seed species to improve its quality, taste, texture. Especially in the field of medical microbiology, virology is the most popular term we heard after the efforts of making vaccines for Covid all over the world. It has proven its importance. Biotechnology is an emerging field of the country. Every nation worldwide has seen the effect of virology. Students are choosing such a field for their career. There are several diplomas, certificates, under graduation like B.E/,, doctoral, and many research courses are available.


School of Life Science, Hyderabad

College was founded in 1977 and has progressed over the years achieving many achievement awards in academics and research. The facilities, technical labs, and infrastructure are excellent. Now, it runs more than 170 projects by providing funds. Students get the best opportunity to explore knowledge while interacting with national and foreign scientists.

It has departments like- department of biochemistry, plant science, animal biology, biotechnology and bioinformatics and systems, and computational biology.


Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT University)

School of bioscience and technology, SBST, Vellore offers undergraduate B.Tech courses on biotechnology. VIT has secured rank in India’s top 25 Universities and even been included in the Shanghai World University Ranking 2021 for its excellent performance and in many other global level Rankings. It focuses on the career building of students with both academic and practical knowledge.

Undergraduate fee- 1, 98,000 per annum.

Postgraduate course fee- 1, 53,000 per annum


Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology

It is one of the deemed private universities of India, founded in the year 1956 It has expanded service of education beyond the nation; the college has several tie-ups with international universities, which enables students to explore and experience more.

Undergraduate course fee- 3, 67,000.

Postgraduate course fee- 2, 00,000.


Birla Institute of Technology (BIT)

 BITs offer the combination of science and mathematics with strong competence- bachelor of biotechnology engineering of duration 4 years. To utilise human resources and to improve the lifestyle of a human-related to medicines and production, BITs has produced excellent alumni. Collaboration with foreign institutes, quality education, and understanding social needs- students are all trained with such skills.

Undergraduate course fee- 3lacs per annum.

Postgraduate course fee-2.5 lacs per annum.

The School of Biotechnology, Madurai

  The college offers a national-level course on the various biotechnology streams. The college is recognized by the central government for its excellent research works. Genetic mutation, epigenetic, the development of various vaccines, microbes, and molecular diagnosis are emerging areas and college has the potential to generate more engineers and researchers in this field.

It has various departments- the department of genetic engineering, molecular microbiology, plant biotechnology. And several programs for strain manipulation, bioinformatics, etc.

Amity University

Amity offers various full-time courses in biotechnology and online certificates courses too. Amity is like a brand name in the field of education. It has colleges in Noida, Lucknow, Jaipur, Raipur, Mumbai, and Gurgaon. Students are taught how hard work and knowledge combine well to produce an excellent product. The College has the best campus opportunity for its students including student-campus cells for proper guidance. Apart from academics, field knowledge, labs, and skills like leadership, communications are also developed.

Undergraduate course fee – 3 lacs.

Postgraduate fee- 1.5 lacs approx.


Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education

KARE has achieved both state and national recognition in the field of microbiology and biotechnology for the development of students- it provides intra-mural activities with academics. It is also known for its unique and excellent efforts to educate engineering to speech and hearing-impaired students.

 Undergraduate course fee- 1.2 lacs.

Post-graduation course fee- 80,000.


 The other deemed/reputed colleges to pursue biotechnology courses with courses and fee details are listed below.


SRM engineering college

Undergraduate fee-2.5 lacs.

Postgraduate fee- 1.7 lacs approx.


 SASTRA University

Undergraduate course fee- 1.7 lacs approx.

Postgraduate course fee- 1.5 lacs approx.

Manipal institute of technology

Undergraduate course fee- 3.35 lacs.

Post-graduate fee- 2.1 lacs


Kalinga University of Industrial Technology

Undergraduate course fee- 4.3 lacs.

Postgraduate course fee- 3.1 lacs approx.


KLU (KL University)

Undergraduate course fee- 2.5 lacs.

Postgraduate course- 1.45 lacs.


RV College of Engineering

Undergraduate course fee- 6 lacs approx.

Postgraduate course fee- 37,000 per year approx.


Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

Undergraduate course fee- 1.2 lacs approx.

Postgraduate course fee- 23,000 per year.


Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University

Undergraduate course fee- 2.3 lacs.

Postgraduates course fee- 12 lacs approx.


Mount Carmel College, Karnataka

B.SC fee- 42,000.


LPU (Lovely Professional University)

 Fee- 3 lacs


School of basic science and research

 Undergraduate course fee- 2.5 lacs.

Postgraduate course fee- 1.5lacs.


P.P Savani University, Surat

Fee- 2 lacs


Sri Krishnadevaraya University

Fee-38,000 per annum.

By Mithila Rathod

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