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Top 5 Job Opportunities After Pursuing MBA in India

October 03, 2019

Top 5 Job Opportunities After Pursuing MBA in India

Great Career Options after MBA in India

In today’s world, finding the right post-graduation program is one of the most challenging tasks as there are a tremendous number of promising careers and abundant equally qualified and educated aspirants. An MBA program proves to be the perfect choice as it provides the requisite knowledge, ethics of workplace and skills required to fit right in the business environment. It is an expensive career choice but has a lot of potential and greatly rewarding.

Operations Management is one of the sectors in Management Studies, which specializes in improving the production process and business operations of an organization. It is in prominence for decades, as it deals with maximizing the profitability of an organization into consideration with converting raw materials into finished products. This field is in demand when seen with a nation’s perspective, as in India there are several talented and passionate applicants. Here are some careers listed below with a renewed focus on operations management.

1. Operations Research

After pursuing an MBA degree, one can choose the Operations Research field. This field requires theoretical knowledge for assessing the value of the assets possessed by an organization and the associated future demand. In the Operations Research field, the management needs to seek the best possible outcomes for maximizing the annual revenue by allocating the company’s assets and resources efficiently.

2. Purchasing Management

The purchasing management field proves to be best suitable for the managers who are interested in negotiating the best market price for sourcing the raw materials and goods from all the suppliers in the market. This field focuses on the logistics of the shipments and ensuring that services are met before the deadline.

3. Facilities Coordinator

A facilities coordinator in a multinational organization has the job to look after the transport of the assets and ensuring their security. They design the physical environment of the company like IT Infrastructure and furniture.

4. Business Management

In Business Operations Management, an employee has to plan strategically to optimize and schedule for maximizing the outputs and profitability of an organization, by keeping a check on the budgeting within the time constraints. According to industry experts and analysts, this field is chosen by most of the managers in operations.

5. Materials Management

After an Operations Management degree, one can choose to become the materials manager, traffic manager, and warehouse manager. This field looks after the foundation of the whole supply chain and production process for the proper storage of the finished products. The purchase of the appropriate goods and materials and their step-by-step analysis from conversion till transportation to distribution centers and clients is the main priority.

The field of Operations Management provides vast job opportunities for new managers working in Multinational Enterprises to optimize inventory, facilities, operations, and purchasing. Therefore, choosing to pursue MBA in India is beneficial as it promises high salary, better career opportunities and networking, flexibility and credibility in jobs, enhances one’s knowledge and communication skills, promotes individuals’ personal development and has worldwide recognition of its credentials.

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