What are various options to join nursing after class 12?

January 12, 2021

What are various options to join nursing after class 12?

Medical science is growing all over the world as well as in India. And with growing medical science, its facilities are also growing. This has affected nursing studies in a great positive way. And this pandemic has actually made us realize that we not only need doctors but we also need well-trained nurses in a huge number for the benefit of the country. Nursing training in India is gaining a lot of attention these days. But when we talk about nursing training, people get a misconception that one can only opt for nursing training from a science background.

Any student from any background can study for nursing courses and there are no restrictions about the academic background. Students are only judged based on their previous academic records and eligibility. There are different courses in India that provide nursing training after 10+2 examinations. The main courses for nursing after 10+2 are – GNM, ANM, B.Sc. Nursing, etc. Students can always check what course they are eligible for. Let us talk about the criteria and eligibility for these courses.

1.    GNM course of nursing after 12th:

GNM or General Nursing and Midwifery is a highly pursued nursing course by the students. But this course can only be pursued if a student comes from a science background. The course can be 3 to 3.5 years in different colleges. The criteria for the GNM course are given below:

·          The aspirant candidate must pass their 12th examinations with science as their academic background.

·          The student must have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with compulsory English language in their 12th standard.

·          The candidate must have scored 40% marks in their 10+2 standard but it may vary according to the institutions.

2.    ANM course of nursing:

ANM or Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery is a diploma course that can be pursued after 12th standard by any student. The course is for 2 years. And after completing this course the candidate can join different fields. The basic criteria of ANM course are:

·          The student must pass the 12th final examinations.

·          The candidate must have arts, science, or commerce in their 10+2.

·          The aspirant must be above the age of 17 and below the age of 35.

3.    B.Sc. nursing course:

B.Sc. nursing course after 12th is another demanding course. This sector is mostly related to knowledge-based work in the nursing sector. This course is conducted for 3 years just like other bachelor courses. The eligibility criteria for the course are:

·          The aspirant must have a science background in their 12th.

·          The aspirant must have the PCB combination that is Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with compulsory English in 12th.

·          The candidate needs to have 40% marks in their 12th results but it can vary.

With time passing by well-trained nurses are in high demand as well as doctors. Also, the pay scale they get per month is indeed standard. So, with growing medical facilities the chances of growth in this field are very high too.

Author: Sayantika Mondal

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After the 12th, it is a lot of confusion about which stream to take or not. And nursing is a very popular course that many students want to take as a career option. This blog elaborately stated each and every aspect of different courses of nursing and that is very helpful.

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