What Is The Difference Between BSc Nursing And ANM Nursing?

July 20, 2021

What Is The Difference Between BSc Nursing And ANM Nursing?

Nursing has always been very demanding as a profession. Also, it is a very respected job. And after this worldwide pandemic, the value of well-trained nurses has definitely grown a lot more than before. A well-trained nurse can handle any emergency case before the doctor arrives. They play a very important role on a daily basis. Whether it is the regular based check-up or acting strongly in a nerve-wracking situation, nurses are proving themselves to be more accurate and dependable.

In India, nurses work as almost the 60% workforce in the health workforce. India has almost 3.07 million nurses that are registered according to the government. But it still is 43 percent less than what WHO has set as a norm. So, we definitely need more nurses, that can lead the Indian health workforce accordingly. Because with days passing by, we are facing more and more new diseases. And that is the prime and foremost reason to have the maximum number of well-trained nurses among us.

And this thing is increasing the tendencies of 12th passed students to join nursing training. There are primarily three types of nursing courses that any student can opt for after their 12th examinations. The courses are - General Nursing and Midwifery or GNM, Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery or ANM, and BSc Nursing. The courses have different requirements and a different amount of time as well.

Let’s see the difference between BSc Nursing and ANM nursing training.

BSc Nursing training:

BSc nursing training is a very popular training that students opt for after their 12th examinations. This is 4 years long under graduation. This course provides the training of handling a sick person. And for that reason, you need to know the human body. So, this course requires a science background for 12. This course not only trains the theoretical part but it also provides the physical learning that is part of nursing. The nurses are given higher training than only giving primary first aid. The nurses also need to brief the patients and work with the ward personnel as well as the doctors.

ANM or Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery:

Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery or ANM is a diploma course that can be done after the 12th final examinations. This course trains the nurses to work as a health worker. The nurses are trained to take care of the medical equipment, providing medications to a patient according to the time, setting up the operation theatre, and also keeping the records of patients. As this one is not connected directly to the human body, students can have any background for their 12th. They can have science, arts, or commerce as their 12th education background. But the candidates who are pursuing this course must have a basic knowledge of first aid. They are trained to give primary medical care to the patients as well. But this course has a short time span of 2 years. That is why this course does not have a wide range of options to choose from as a health worker.

   Course name  Criteria for the course Duration of the course

BSc Nursing training

1.     Must pass 12th final examinations.

2.     Must have Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English in 12th standard.

3.     The candidate must have a minimum of 45% marks in their final examinations. (may vary)

4.     The candidate must be older than 17 and should not cross the age of 35.

This is a 4-year long course.
ANM or Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery training

1.     Candidates must pass 12th final examinations.

2.     Candidates must have science, arts, or commerce, and English as their 12th academic background.

This is a 2-year long course.

Author: Sayantika Mondal

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Quite informative. I want to pursue nursing next year, and this article helped me immensely in gathering the most important information.

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