Which UK Colleges are Most Popular for International Students from India?

November 11, 2020

Which UK Colleges are Most Popular for International Students from India?

UK universities boast high varieties of global students, especially from Asian countries including India. HESA numbers disclose that many UK universities have a large section of global trainees, and the numbers are rising. Quartz India recently reported that Indian pupil enrolments in the UK have risen for the first time in over a decade with 19,750 Indian students studying in the UK in 2017-18. The numbers are rising, though Covid-19 pandemic has been a setback.


North Ireland has the most affordable percent of worldwide pupils for both undergraduate and postgrad trainees in the UK. England has one of the most undergrads by a margin of around 1%, but Wales has the highest percentage of postgraduates by 5%. International postgraduates make up much higher numbers than undergrads, indicating postgraduate research study, as well as research, will certainly be most affected should numbers decline due to Covid-19 pandemic.


These are the top 15 universities with the highest possible proportion of global undergrads and also postgraduates in the UK. The list is given below:

1.   The University of Manchester

2.  The University of Edinburgh

3.  University College London

4.  London School of Economics and Political Science

5.  The University of Birmingham

6.  University of the Arts, London

7.   The University of Sheffield

8.  The University of Glasgow

9.  The University of Liverpool

10. The University of Leeds

11.   The University of Warwick

12.  King's College London

13.  Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

14.  University of Nottingham

15.  Coventry University


It's clear that these universities are proactively drawing in international trainees and also creating their international trainee employment techniques. Their sites have all the information regarding fees, visa requirements and issues pertinent to Covid-19 pandemic. Students from India are always interested to go for higher education in UK. They do undergraduate studies from India studying in various Universities in India.Then they look for opportunities to study in UK.

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