Diwali Celebrations and Covid-19

November 14, 2020

Diwali Celebrations and Covid-19

A very Happy and joyous Diwali to you all. I am sure that all of you are looking forward to having a great day and I really dont want to put a damper on your celebrations plans.

However, I write this as I review the Covid-19 prevalance and its status as of today. The numbers, which were going down are slowly creeping up. Wedding season may be a reason. Diwali is definitely going to push the numbers up. As we know Covid-19 infection is a superspreader and can lead to repiratory problems.

Students and parents alike are also getting ready to grapple with new admissions as well as children going back to schools and colleges. Thus my advice during this festival season as well as college reopening season is to be very careful. Avoid crowded spots. Always wear a mask when you step out of your house or hostel. Maintain a good social distancing from each other. When you remove your mask to eat something, make sure that there is no one near you. Make it a habit to clean your hands with a sanitizer every hour. Please do not touch the front of the mask and if you do, immediately clean your hands.
Please do not rub your eyes or touch your face. Please make sure your mask covers your mouth and nose.

I hope we all enjoy the festival season, but with an eye on personal precautions. There is always going to be another Diwali next year. Thus try not to visit your friends and family. Instead connect with video calling. Its safe as well convenient.

Please do not burst crackers as it will create problems with smoke as well create an environment where people withh tend to gather together to watch you bursting crackers. We do not want to spread or get Covid-19 infection.

Wishing you a very safe Diwali.

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Piyush Sharma

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has really been a huge threat to human lives, but the auspicious festivals ensure the spreading of light and smiles all around as the entire society has been remaining sad and scared for a long time now. Ensuring safe distancing and celebrating festivals in your own way is one of the most important factors that the blog highlights. Celebrate life to the fullest but don't forget to maintain all the necessary protocols for ensuring safety and security in these harsh situations.


Thank you, for the information, it's really helpful. Can you put some light on the after-effects of Diwali in India?

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